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How to fight against freckles?

With approach of spring the sun heat us the bright beams more and stronger. We hurry to make toilet after winter, so-called, hibernations: we want to look more beautiful and more attractive. But the spring gives much of us not really pleasant surprises: at this time on a face appear impudent red specks which in the people are called as freckles.

If to glance in medical literature, then it is possible to learn that in science of a freckle have the special name - efelida (in translation from Greek solar nashlepk ) . In other words is a natural protective reaction of an organism from ultraviolet rays. Freckles contain a pigment which prevents emergence of a burn on a body. Knowing it, it is possible to treat quietly these stubborn to solar specks, and in connection with their emergence not to create a global problem. But it ideally. And how to be that to whom freckles haunt and prevent to be happy with the appearance?

Unfortunately, there is no mention about, where, when and on whom the first appeared messengers of the sun but there is reliable information which says that both the Egyptian, and Greek beauties, and, the most important fought against freckles in due time, they managed it. Cosmetology experience of the millennia testifies: horse-radish, a dandelion, a lemon and a cucumber - the powerful weapon against red foe . There is a great variety of ways to get rid of freckles. Try, choose and fight against freckles, only do not forget about care and moderation! If you resolved to act, further - possible ways

Means No. 1: cucumbers. we clean Pure fresh vegetables, we cut or we grate. If you decided to use cucumber circles - we display them on a face. We use the ground cucumbers by means of a gauze napkin. In 20 minutes we remove ours " mask;. It is also possible just to wipe a face with cucumber juice then it is not obligatory to wash at all.

Means No. 2: parsley. we fill in Couple of spoons of the cut greens of parsley with a glass of boiled water. We insist 2 hours, then we filter. We wipe a face with infusion in the morning, during the lunchtime and in the evening.

Means No. 3: lemon. we Wipe a face with the wadded disk moistened with lemon juice. In 20 - 30 minutes surely we wash usual water.

Means No. 4: dandelion. we fill in Flowers of a dandelion with a glass of boiled water, then we filter. We wipe a face with the wadded disk moistened in this infusion. In half an hour we wash.

Means No. 5: horse-radish. Juice of horse-radish is mixed with sour cream (in an equal proportion). We put on a face approximately for about five minutes then we wash away a mask.

Means No. 6: creams for bleaching of skin. At the moment on their sale a large number exists. For reliability and productivity consult to the cosmetologist what of means will suit you.

Council : before an exit to the street do not forget to put sun-protection lotion or cream on a face, and also slightly powder a face. You wear glasses and headdresses which will help to cover the face and to save it from the sun.

Even the most freckled person can be devilishly beautiful if his eyes shine with happiness, the smile strikes with sincerity, and the speech is positive and truthful. Be beautiful, friends, and always remember that the most important is our health! In a pursuit of appeal and an ideal face do not lose mind!