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How to make a treasure map?

If, having seen the name of this article, all of you decided to read it, I congratulate you! It means that spirit of adventurism, the belief in miracles and desire to plunge into the adventures promising changes and pleasure of opening, did not disappear completely as the childhood which to return, at least for day, none of us would refuse.

To follow my instructions, you should arm with a sheet of paper or a cardboard, the handle or a pencil, paints and brushes (if you are not able, you do not want or just you do not like to draw, scissors, glue and several magazines in which there are pictures will be necessary for you). If all above-mentioned objects suggested you an idea to postpone article, despite desire to build a treasure map, do not do it! Even for persons interested to minimize efforts there is an alternative - you need only paper and the handle.

So if you trust in miracles, in power of thought and desires, then I suggest you to believe (of course if it does not occur yet) and in ancient Chinese science the fan - Shui. We will not go into details about the purposes, methods and means of this doctrine here (whom interests, that knows, isn`t that so?) and it to us and to anything. Will be to inform dear reader of this article enough that followers the fan - Shui consider that each aspect of our life corresponds to one of the compass directions.

All such directions eight (the North, the South, the West, the East, North - the West, North - the East, Hugo - the West and Hugo - the East). But we will begin one after another. Having started production treasure maps all of you will understand. Take big (it is possible also not really big) a sheet of paper, and divide it into nine equal parts, having drawn two straight lines from top to down and from right to left. Such huge crosses - zeroes - the grid by the principle does not differ from game known to all of us (unless in the sizes).

When drawing works it will be finished, we will decide on parts of the world and we will try to correlate them to our card. Unlike maps habitual to us, in the fan - Shuya the card settles down head over heels . In the central lower compartment there is a North, to the left of it (in the bottom left corner) - North - the East, to the right of the North - North - the West. Opposite to the North in the central part of the top row the South, in the top left corner - Hugo - the East, in top the right as it is not difficult to guess, Hugo - the West settles down. To the right of the most central sector there is a West, and at the left - the East.

In advance I apologize to those who though the fan - Shui is a little familiar with the doctrine, for so meticulous details. But we in this article do not study this ancient science, and we learn to make a treasure map. So, having decided on the directions, you can start filling of your magic card. I am sure that all sceptics deprived of romanticism and desire to dream up, already left our ranks, having left only those who cannot wait to learn what to do farther that the miracle took place. Therefore I will not weary you expectation. We begin! Time to illustrate the desires in all aspects of your life, to give them new strength and to believe that they will surely come true came!

Severo - east sector is responsible for wisdom and knowledge. If you study, draw the diploma with honors or a gold medal here. Here it is possible to write down (and at opportunity, and to illustrate) all purposes which you want to achieve in this area. You dream to become the great scientist - safely glue the photo of the idol here! You wish to enter the prestigious university - the image of this university!

The North - all this that is connected with career. All you dream in this area of, everything that is not enough for you for successful career, needs to try to be placed in this sector, using all make-shifts - photos, words, images of objects which are associated with successful activity in your work.

Severo - the West symbolizes the help from mentors and travel. Here it is good to place portraits of people whom you consider as your mentors and you wait from them for the help. That who likes to travel, I recommend to choose the brightest and colourful photos of those places where you dream to go and paste them in North - the western sector of a treasure map. For the lack of illustrations or desire to potter with pictures, it is possible just to write names of those places where you want to visit the future.

East sector - family sector. Here it is possible to place images of your family the most joyful minutes, and all you good what you aspire in family life to. Include the imagination and start! The picture with happy family on the sea coast, the image of the healthy and happy kid (if you want to get shortly posterity), the daughter`s wedding with the prince charming (if you cannot marry the child in any way) etc. Here everything depends on you!

The western sector - all this that is related to children - future and present. Here it is possible to place children`s drawings, the image of toys of which your child dreams. If you the person of a creative profession - this sector too for you! You dream to publish the book, safely draw a small volume with your surname on a cover, you draw pictures - place yourself with a brush in a hand here. To stimulate creativity - here a problem of the western sector.

The South - glory sector. This sector supports you as the personality, helps to achieve success and recognition in society. Here it is possible to place images of any objects symbolizing glory - all objects aspiring up, birds. You dream of some awards? And write: Such - that (Full name) received such - that an award, an award, etc. Hugo`s

- the western sector - love and marriage. If you need to attract love in the life, this sector can become your help. Romantic the image of loving couples, couple of drawn ducks - tangerines (in the fan - Shui are considered as love symbols). Here it is possible to write those qualities which you want to see in your future beloved (beloved). If you already have a soulmate also you do not plan to leave, paste your happiest photo here - let everything will be as good as now!

Hugo - the East - one of the most important directions, it symbolizes wealth. Here it is possible to place images of everything that you want to get - the car, the computer, a video camera, the permit to Paris - anything! There will be no photos - write by hand the list of future acquisitions, and the main thing - believe in good luck!

When the Treasure map will be ready, it is desirable to hang up it on a foreground. If you hesitate to show the arts to guests and members of household, attach it far away from public eyes, but on condition that you will see it from time to time. For example, on an internal door of a case. And if it beyond your powers, hide it to the secluded place, and try to get and admire the creation more often. Beholding the Card, you will send signals to the Universe that you ready to all those benefits at which look, as if attracting to itself opportunities in order that your wishes were fulfilled!

At you everything will turn out!