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And you awake to feel happy having an ideal figure?

All girls dream to be beauty ideal, or in the worst case it is desirable to lose kilogram so 10 in one day while our teleimage persistently tries to advance a new standard of beauty with curvy shapes.

I want to share the experience with those who still dream to grow thin. I never had an excess weight, the last 13 years my weight makes nearly exactly 48 kg and almost ideal figure. I could never grow thin not that, but even to correct on 1 - 2 kg. Once being in a university dispensary, I persistently tried to recover, probably, it is pathological passion of some women to try to make himself even better. I ate everything that entered me nearly a month, everything ended with the fact that I nearly spoiled to myself a stomach and once and for all decided to stop similar experiments.

I several times tried to play sports, skates of a ski bothered very quickly, occupations by aerobics lasted whole half of year, it was wonderful pastime, but once not time began be enough I can just became lazier. When I was a student, and money was hardly enough for the most necessary, knowing that I will not be able to buy excess cake, I just could not live without sweet, I could not keep and bought ice cream on the last money. I was never able to refuse to myself food. I remember how once I ate white chocolate. It was a birthday of my girlfriend, there was a lot of sweet and among all other several tiles of aerated porous white chocolate and my favourite juice. Being so full that the type of food just caused disgust, I decided that a small piece, a half of a small cube of a tile has to enter me still. Having washed down all this put juice, I understood that one more will enter me small a piece doormat, then one more when I ate a tile entirely, me it became very bad, I could not go, lie too, nearly an hour I as a boa digested chocolate, being afraid to move. Since then I did not eat chocolate few years any. I never had a will power. Though there was a healthy requirement of an organism. I just physically am not capable to eat more certain quantity. I do not eat ice cream cakes in any kind and in general I eat sweet very seldom. Once I ate it too much, and the organism told everything stop, I want a peach or apple. I still envy people to whom taste of ice cream it gives pleasure.

If someone considers that an ideal figure and attractive appearance a source of constant pleasure he strongly is mistaken. Yes, I am able to afford, come to office without cosmetics, without hairdress and all the same I will look good. But if I cannot smile to myself in front of the mirror, I cannot smile to people with which I work, beauty becomes dead. Beauty is internal energy. It when you tell the kind word to colleagues. When you communicate with suppliers who are on other end of Russia, and they say that you are a charm when he even never saw you. When clients at your absence terribly are upset that they should work with someone else. Till 17 years I was an ugly duckling. Physically I did not change since then at all. I learned to communicate, I fell in love with this world, and, above all myself. When I considered that appearance is the main condition that it is pleasant to men, did not communicate yet to the magnificent girlfriend who just had no release from gentlemen. The girl just had a charm and a tremendous smile. I want to tell all as I was told once by my friend:“ Smile, the serious face to you does not go“.