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What is the positive relation to life?

That it positive relation to life ?, It seems, it is clear to all, and there is even nothing to explain. All know how it is exciting - to be positive! Then life becomes interesting, and people reach for you. Why then not everyone shows it in himself, and is that?

Practically some obstacles occur at all on the way, and many people perceive them as something insuperable, irreparable as punishment. Thereof complain: For what to me it? Why I? making the life of the groans miserable of itself and to relatives. It is easy to recognize such people by gloomy faces, frowns, they almost do not smile. These people perceive everything through a pity prism to themselves, are protected by an armor from rage, irony and scepticism.

Other people treat obstacles as to a call! They see in them not the deadlock, but a new opportunity. Whatever it happened, they trust in the forces and try to achieve the objectives.

I will give to you one example: real history of the girl who almost lost sight and an opportunity to move from - for casual wounds, some wild accident! Many people on its place would break. Forecasts of doctors were very bad. But this girl believed in herself and the forces, and that she the most important, remained positive. It was expressed in its attitude towards itself and towards people. It allowed it, despite forecasts of doctors, even contrary to them not to lower a hand, and to stand, become even stronger, to overcome all obstacles and to follow to the desirable purpose.

In any events which take place around us it is possible to see opportunities, and it is possible - deadlocks. What you see - it is your choice! Meeting any person, positive people see in him, first of all, good, and it helps them to approach people quickly. These people are benevolent, on their faces it is often possible to see a friendly smile. What happened to them, they perceive it from an opportunity position:

How I can use it?

What else can I make in this situation? .

the Main core at such people is the positive relation to life. There is nothing inevitable and irreparable. All of us know for a long time that all events, actually, are not bad or good, by that they are done by only our attitude towards them.

Make the choice! Be positive!

How to become positive, to enter this quality into the way of life? The answer is simple - it is necessary to train every day. To designate it for itself as a useful habit. In order that it was fixed, it is necessary to carry out several simple rules:

1) Every day in the evening (before going to bed) remember - that the most noticeable and good happened to you in a day.

2) you Share the progress and achievements with other people.

3) Load yourself and surrounding with good mood.

4) In situations when you difficultly and do not have mood, remember cheerful stories and jokes, and tell them to other people.

5) be not afraid to laugh at yourself, at what is ridiculous.

6) smile more often.

7) Assess any situation from a position of a potential opportunity, asking themselves questions: How I can use it? What else can I make in this situation? . Learn from this lessons and useful experience.

Progress to you, dear readers of the magazine of Shkolazhizni. ru!