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What is the SU domain? Welcome

, the last good business which the Soviet Union managed to carry out is registration of the domain of the first SU level for its use in the territory of the USSR in 1990 - m to year. As Valery Vladimirovich Bardin, the director of development of LLC " told; Integrum the board member of the Soviet association of users of UNIX (SUUG) from the moment of its basis, one of founders of " cooperative; People - There was a desire to create the public USSR network having prospect of integration into world.

By the time of the beginning of works on the Relcom network in the USSR already worked several specialized networks focused on service the clients . At the first stage the network was created by efforts of commercial providers People JSC Relcom and the academic organizations and branch scientific research institutes were main customers. Officials of the USSR were not interested in creation of the network connected to the USA, nobody was going to finance creation of a public network. Therefore scientific research institutes the money allowed to survive to the new project.

Soon after emergence of the Russian Internet the Soviet Union disappeared, and the domain continued to live and develop. Each former federal republic received the two-letter domain, and it was recommended to SU domain to curtail slowly the activity and to disappear. In a similar situation in Czechoslovakia at the partition of the country and formation of two new national domains the Czechoslovak domain zone CS was very quickly cleared and liquidated, and the SU domain continued to develop spontaneously, despite emergence in 1994 - m to year of the RU domain. By this time in the zone SU several thousands of domains of various level were registered. From the beginning of free registration of the domain names RU, ROSNIIROS - the administrator of the domain of the top level of SU - stopped registration of domains of the second level in the zone SU. Nevertheless, the domain zone continued.

Registration in Soviet to a zone it was renewed on December 15, 2002 - go years - at first only for owners of trademarks. In June, 2003 - go years Fund of Development the Internet to which functions of the administrator of the SU domain were assigned, declared the beginning of open registration of domains of the second level in the zone SU.

Experts note that the SU domain by analogy of the created all-European EU domain can become the uniform information and marketing field for integration of economic communications between the enterprises of CIS and Baltic countries.

Uniqueness Soviet a domain zone it is provided with a large number free beautiful domain names. Despite the high cost of registration of a domain name in the zone SU, the number of owners of SU domains steadily grows. Dynamics of registration of new names in the SU domain keeps at the level of registration of domains by the Russian citizens and the organizations in the zones COM, BIZ and other public domains.

About 97% of owners of domain names are residents of the Russian Federation, from them 54% are legal entities. And among 3% of owners - nonresidents the share of legal entities is much higher - 84%. The most part of foreign registration are the share of the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden.