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Who else wants to become a President? The Russian series

In March begin the main thing current - show of year - who will be the following governor of Russia. The most interesting is that the answer is obvious already now - that whom it will indicate a finger of the incumbent president. It would seem why to arrange noisy marathon running of a year. Why to irritate citizens, officials and investors. Call a surname and sleep peacefully.

It is impossible.

The people need the drive. The Russian people without drive cannot. We not Swedes some. We already got hooked on series in which Don Alberto only in 120 series learns that his servant was conceived by him in the first series. We - that knew it at once, but we look, we look, oh, damn.

Because " soap;. Earlier at Gorbachev there was a deficiency only. Including soaps. Many still remember three-year stocks on mezzanines.

When offered us soap free of charge on all channels, and settle all. So, show Behind " glass;! Whether Masha Sasha on a muzzle will give - all country clung to TV screens. And maybe not all. But the power realized at once that the best way to win Chechnya and to construct capitalism in Russian in separately taken state is to feed the people with television soap.

Now the majority of us - teleaddicts. All new and new doses are necessary. Don Alberto was replaced by cops. Cops were added by heroes from special troops, long-distance truck drivers, saboteurs and GAI officers. Prostitutes, convicts, bums are heroes of our time.

The TV screen does not give us the chance to think. Series - please bothered you humorists. It is not ridiculous any more - entertainment stars. Plywood in everything, including in policy.

Unfortunately, our power does not know what is known by any children`s doctor. If to overfeed the child, he will have an eructation.

And the Russian people are able to vomit. And then will not seem to anybody a little.

All right, we will pass to a question essence. I cannot understand in any way, what for become the president in our country? The usual statistics shows that mortality among governors makes about 30 percent. Naturally, unnatural death from hands of party fellows, guardsmen and own wives means. The miner in our country or the member of spetsnaz in hot spots to be much safer, than the governor.

The simple people can love you, but absolutely precisely hate, but pretend to be, your colleagues. All want to get on pyramid top, and, in fact, it is necessary to get rid of all the presidential term legs of applicants for a throne.

Most of male governors were not lucky with women.

Peter I loved Menshikov, Lenin got Krupskaya instead of Armande, Peter III liked guardsmen. Almost all our leaders were married at all not to those on whom they would like.

Present, you in St. Petersburg near Bronze Horseman at three o`clock the June white night drink cold beer, and nearby the magnificent blonde on the Harley. Presented? It not for you. It for mere mortals. You have a protection until the end of life. Everything is listened and looked through. To it - to God, on a zone is more cheerful.

Hey, you there, above, do not brattle as elephants - Alla Pugacheva sang in the first and only political smash hit. Let`s stop the political soap opera on start. Let`s declare to the people in the first series that Don Alberto`s servant - actually his foster daughter.

Also there will be to us happiness.