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How to recognize character of the person by color of eyes?

Ability to distinguish people: their character, temper and even a state of health includes a set of the directions, both psychological, and physiological. A lot of things his manner speeches, gestures, gait, features, the preferred colors in clothes can tell of the person. However the most informative source of information about the person are his eyes - window to the soul. All ancient treatises about physiognomics advise

to begin studying of the person with eyes. And it is not casual. The most part of information thanks to which the person develops, perceived by eyes. Ancient, for example, advised to preserve eyes against bad influence: look of the spiteful person. Modern psychics recommend to sensitive and vulnerable people to wear dark glasses for protection against negative energy. Astrologers are convinced that all color palette of planets of a horoscope of the birth which, in turn, testify to those silt other addictions and bents of the person is reflected in eyes. Value of eyes in research of character is confirmed also by modern scientific researches: at each person of an eye are unique on the coloring.

Owners of black eyes - energetically strong people, they possess big resilience, an initiative and restless character. Black eyes demonstrate passion of the person and him lyubveobiliya. No barriers on the way to the adored object are able to stop such people. Though their obsession can bear them not only pleasure of victories, but also bitterness of quick decisions.

Those who possess brown eyes , are by nature allocated with appeal, sensuality, wit. These are very temperamental people. About them it is possible to tell that they extremely quick-tempered, but easily forget offenses. As a shortcoming of people with brown eyes it is possible to consider frequent whims. Astrologers say that people with darkly - brown eyes (mix of energy of the Sun and Venus with impurity of Saturn) are extremely sociable and easily meet with people. People with such eyes are very amorous, however as quickly they light up, also quickly and cool down sometimes.

Owners light-brown eyes are timid, inclined to a privacy, are pensive. They can be considered as pragmatists, but, perhaps, it does them such hardworking, diligent. Always it is possible to rely on them - they will not bring. As feature of character of people with light-brown eyes it is possible to consider their individualism, aspiration to do everything independently, they usually make great progress. These people do not transfer pressure from outside at all. Astrologers add that owners light-brown eyes (mix of energy of the Sun and Venus) are very impressionable, they can imperceptibly for others very strongly endure the offense caused them.

to wait for of What from the owner of blue sparks in a look? Blue-eyed people (color corresponds to the planet Venus) - these are romantics, people very emotional, sensual. They are capable not only to fall in love recklessly with the partner, but also to carry away him the passionate rush. Their course of thoughts sometimes can be absolutely unpredictable. By the way, at such people sense of justice is in addition very developed, they are ready to defend the truth sometimes even to the detriment of themselves. Blue-eyed people are very truthful. The main shortcoming - arrogance and arrogance. Such people very much of a konfliktna, like to argue, force events and are not always capable to understand others problem.

to People with darkly - blue eyes (color energy of Venus is diluted with color energy of the Moon) persistence is peculiar to , but at the same time are very inclined to sentimentality. Owners darkly - blue color of eyes easily give in to the whims, and their mood reminds an unpredictable spring breeze. Blue-eyed natures are inclined to remember offenses, and even then when in soul they forgave them for a long time.

Blue eyes neredkotait deception. Owners of blue eyes - purposeful, not too sentimental people. You will not move to pity people with blue eyes with tears. Sometimes they endure attacks of strong anger or a causeless depression. But such differences of mood meet extremely seldom. More often blue-eyed people have quiet character, however monotony them oppresses.

Owners of gray eyes are very resolute and clever . They do not resort to to the ostrich`s » method; if they have problems. On the contrary, solve them immediately. But, at the same time, are helpless before situations where mind is powerless. Gray eyes are a sign of sensitivity and inquisitiveness. Everything is interesting to such people. And therefore - these are eyes of luckies: they are lucky both in career, and in love.

Owners darkly - gray eyes (gray color is inherent in Mercury, and its more dark coloring speaks about small impurity of Saturn) are stubborn and courageous. They are self-sacrificing, have strong will and a determinate character. These people are often jealous though they do not seek to advertize this quality. If at your partner in life darkly - gray eyes, then you were lucky, such people almost always one-woman men.

If you possess is gray - green eyes , then about you it is possible to tell that you have very strong will. To you on a shoulder any top. Though you are considered pig-headed, but often it helps you to achieve a goal. Owners of green eyes - it a nature time obstinate which can show in the solution of questions, important for themselves rigidity, and in exceptional cases - and cruelty.

Green-eyed people - it is tenderness. They love always sincerely, hotly and differ in fidelity in that who was chosen. Green eyes are quite often inherent in the real knights. Friends appreciate them reliability and kindness, enemies hate for adherence to principles and hardness. They are good listeners and interlocutors. In general, people with green eyes - the most safe category. They are stable, but at the same time are not deprived of imagination. Perfectly cope with senior positions.

Tiger eyes - yellow , occur at people very seldom. People with such eyes have rare talents and can as speak, read foreign mind. They are artistic and creatively approach any business. If you on mind have nothing bad, then it is a pleasure to communicate with such people.

Besides that color of eyes, anyway, influences character of the person, that zodiac sign to which you belong exerts impact on eyes and looks.

of the Maiden , for example, possess a coquettish look, and their eyes are always pure and innocent.

Scorpions are allocated with dark eyes which just attract to themselves.

of Sagittariuses distinguish eyes with a sparkle . Their look is crafty and derisive.

Capricorns - generally owners of dark eyes with a stare.

of Aquarius can determine by a thoughtful or absent look of clever eyes.

Scales possess the pensive, soft look often directed to the sky.

Cancers - serious people. In their look, as well as in the head - set of plans.

Lions possess a magnetic look which attracts to itself(himself) attention.

Arieses possess shrill fiery look.
it is easy for

of Twins to recognize by coquettish views in a combination to ringing laughter.

of Fish have generally melancholic or mysterious look.

Tauruses by nature have very expressive eyes with a velvet look.

Certainly, summing up this small research, it is possible to claim that dependence of character on color of eyes exists. On eyes it is possible to judge not only feelings of the person at present, but also to make idea of its sincere qualities.

But whatever was color of your eyes, you remember that the way of improvement is open for all, regardless of with what the nature allocated the person.