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As to please person e-mail? All read

Bad advice ? I hope that yes. Otherwise you, probably, should not begin reading this material.

1. Your addressee will be madly glad if you enclose to 10 - 15 pictures in the BMP format the e-mail. Do not listen to those who try to tell shy something about some JPEG or PNG there are formats for suckers!

2. If you doubt correctness of the letter (from the point of view of Russian), then write it to MS Word. After that save the file and send it by mail. At the same time it is impossible to use RAR or ZIP archivers! It is a bad sign!

3. Please the addressee, having written the letter in some exotic coding. For example, Arab. To it will decipher very cheerfully your message. And as a result - both the letter is read, and to the person the mood was lightened.

4. Pour out on the addressee all the pleasure, HAVING WRITTEN ALL LETTER HERE SUCH LETTERS. And that he understood how to you it is cheerful, add more exclamation marks at the end of every line!!!!!!!! It is pleasant to people!!!!! It positive in pure form!!!!!!!!!!

5. If you are late somewhere and you have no time, and the letter should be written, well though you burst, try to save the time - write without gaps and punctuation marks. At the end - that the ends, to the addressee to be engaged there is nothing, he is able to afford to spend a couple of hours for reading of your exceptional creation.

6. Take care of the addressee - he can not remember what he wrote you last time about. Insert into the letter all your correspondence with it for the last one and a half or two years. To quote the interlocutor the signs > at the same time it is not necessary - the addressee himself will easily remember where his offers and where yours.

7. Send the letter three... No! Four. No!!! Five times. And that suddenly four copies will not reach from - for solar drill?!

8. You were told a ridiculous joke, and you hurry to retell it to your addressee? It`s cool! Do not forget to accompany its (joke) with a smilie :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). The addressee not the fool, he will understand that you have not 30 mouths, and you not a mutant.

9. Surely use reductions in a letter subject. For example: & quot; Vasya! I need $ $ $ $!!! & quot;. For certain Vasya will guess to look for your letter in the folder with spam to which your creation will be sent by the robot which found a spam line & quot; $ $ $ $ & quot;.

10. If someone tells you that to distribute the letter at once to several addressees - a bad form, then throw in it a stone! Why to you to be spent for payment of a traffic and to distribute everyone the letter separately?! We in the previous point understood that Vasya not the fool - he will guess to look for your letter in the folder with spam to which your creation will be sent by the robot which found spam sign in the form of multiple mailing.

11. If it is necessary to send the big file - do not warn the addressee about it and do not wait for confirmation from it. Eventually, who to it is guilty that at it all box was hammered some there & quot; important & quot; by mail?

12. Well, and nakanetsta, butta fashionable! Sichas it is fashionable to write as geeks write! Fs butut are glad to such pesm, a patamushta of ruzkiya yazyk too sloshny. Nada to be proshche most and pesad paprasty.