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Whether the love is so boundless? What will we never forgive to darlings?

love all understand different things As the word. One say that it is boundless devotion, others say that the love is a torture, the third consider that without love it is impossible to live, and the fourth say that there is no love at all!

Many consider that when you love it is possible to forgive everything to darling. Whether so it? whether

Ya asked many all are familiar it is possible to forgive to darling? Only the small part of respondents consider that darling can forgive all.

Now let`s imagine if all can be forgiven to darling, any mistakes, even the most cruel and offensive things. For example, treachery, change. It it is possible to forgive? Present that your darling was somewhere with another. And what it on it pushed? Happens, the insufficient attention of the second half, and happens just there is a wish for something brand new. Also happens that it is not so your second half, you are simply not necessary to it! If the person changed you, then you need him? If changed once, then will change also in another. It you will not be simple to be respected! Whether it is necessary to you? But it does not seem that if you forgive all, you lose pride? You do not respect yourself any more, and it is not love, not mutual understanding, trust, but game in one gate any more?

On the other hand if you do not forgive then you do not need the person at all. Some of my acquaintances spoke: It strongly was late for appointment, what will be farther? It such is not necessary to me? Whether you Should not forgive such insignificant situation? It not treachery, not change, not lie! And there is a lot of such situations! By the way, about lie. Long reflected whether it is acceptable lie in the relations? Putst even not big? Also came to a conclusion that is not present! If people really love each other, then they each other feel and also feel lie with storony the second half, and in many cases I begin to lie, and then what for the relations if it is one pack of lies?

Perhaps it will seem a sample a slishka of good relations and you will tell. what does it do not happen? Happens! The main thing that both persons sought for creation of harmony in the relations!

Personally I allow only lie for the good, in exceptional cases! When it is better for person not to know the truth, for his benefit! I speak only about extreme cases when the person dies, God forbid! The person can mean well, and it will turn out on the contrary! The relations have to is under construction on trust, mutual trust then there will be no claims to each other!

And there are such situations when the opposite sex just does not take out your privichka, you in turn too. It can be not only privichka, and for example a nekotor misunderstanding. It is impossible to forget that the opposite sex differs from you in a set of features! For example, if the woman tells the phrase, the man will understand it exactly as you told, but not as you to yourself mean! And then girls take offense, say that they are not understood! It at all not misunderstanding, just the man is not able to understand your secret desires!

And if your darling does not trust you? For example, it has some secret and he (she) did not tell it to you. It is a mistrust sign in the relations? Maybe yes, it is necessary to proceed from motives why he did not tell you? He can did not tell you from - that he thought that you will not understand it? Any reasons happen! In that case it is necessary to explain to the person that you will understand him and he has nothing are afraid! And happens, the person just does not want that you knew! Then it is necessary to reflect and whether there is in such relations a trust, mutual understanding?

And before to think whether your second half is guilty and whether it is worth forgiving it, it is necessary to rummage in itself whether you do everything correctly, whether you provoked this or that act?

Generally to forgive or not to forgive is a business of everyone, but you should not forget the main thing that all - we live for ourselves! We build the life and we do so that to us it was good! Of course it is necessary to consider not only the desires, but also desires of others. But if you think to ask or not, it is necessary to think of to losing itself... Good choice)