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What to put on legs in a campaign? Part 2. The easy Footwear footwear

- an important thing in any campaign. And any pokhodnik knows that in inconvenient footwear to trudge on the nature with a backpack, passing in day two tens kilometers - quite unpleasant occupation accompanied with constant discomfort. Therefore someone loves heavy boots, it is more convenient to someone gumboots, but, nevertheless, most of people (almost all girls without exception) prefers habitual sneakers in the city, gym shoes or low shoes.

If you stopped the look on easy footwear, then at its acquisition remember several rules:

1. Material has to be strong and it is good to pass air. It is better not to take entirely leather products, and to give some preference to fabric.

2. Pay attention to a sole. It is good if it is relief, firm and rather thick. Categorically the footwear on a high heel is not suitable for a campaign, you will not pass in it also one day.

3. do not take footwear of type of sandals, slippers and sandals At all. If they are convenient at the dacha, then in a campaign thongs will be stirred and rub a leg, and, having descended from the flat road, you right there will strike fingers and heels about stones and roots. Various shoes will also not approach.

4. Easy footwear usually cold therefore take the size 1 - 2 bigger to put on dense socks and to warm an insole. Having blotted gym shoes from fabric, usually sit down therefore houses wet them and dry that they accepted the constant size.

Sneakers or gym shoes perfectly will be suitable for campaigns for one day or on small distances, with transitions on roads to sunny (dry) weather. They are irreplaceable also in water hikes and alloys where the waterproof heavy footwear is useless. The easy footwear dries perfectly and quickly, aired, not is stirred on water and does not load a leg - it is its main advantages. The main shortcomings reflect all back: she quickly gets wet, easily fails, poorly protects from a relief and does not hold an ankle at all.

Even if you consider that the similar footwear is unworthy such foot walks, all the same take pair of sneakers on change (camp footwear) that during the parking your legs have a rest and were aired.

Now firms - producers ( of Campus, Garmont, Boreal, Salomon and so forth) in big prosperity make special tourist gym shoes and low shoes (them often call tracking boots). Cost fluctuates within $70 - $250. They it is a little heavier city, but are made of strong material, the lacing is supported by metal klepka, the sole is stitched and has special drawing of a protector ( of Vibram ). Such footwear is more protected from water and mechanical damages, the upper bound usually passes slightly above (on ankle border that reduces danger of traumatizing by 30%). Often tracking boots are supported by the inserted metal or plastic designs. Inside there is a warm, moisture-holding layer of soft fabric which the special membrane from teflon ( of Gore - tex, Micro - tex and td enters.) . It is important to remember that tracking boots should not be worn in, safely buy those boots which fitted you in shop.

Here and all minimum which needs to be known about the choice of sneakers or Siberian salmons for a campaign. Go in what it is pleasant to you, and in the pleasure enjoy warm days!