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What to put on legs in a campaign? Part 1. High boots.

the Campaign - a fine invention which will provide you for some time excellent mood and pleasant fatigue. Time spent in nature with a weighty backpack behind shoulders will extremely positively affect on your physical and mental health. Here it is only necessary to prepare for similar action thoroughly. And nearly a third of successful rest is a right choice of footwear.

Undoubtedly, it is possible to take different footwear in a campaign - it depends on where and as far as you go what will be weather, what obstacles, speed, conditions of the parking, feature of group. It would seem, the whole a lot of everything, - how here to follow favourite sneakers or boots. But actually, all is simple and clear for any, even not professional pokhodnik.

First of all it is necessary to tell that it is necessary to take two pairs of shoes. One main in which you will go, overcome all day barriers to jump, run, clamber, and the second (easier and free) to leave on the intermediate or night parking. At this time the main " boots; it is possible to prepare for continuation of a campaign and to allow legs to have a rest.

If you go to a short campaign in dry not marshy places, in excellent weather, then legs will not strongly suffer if to put on sneakers. But all - skilled pokhodnik choose more serious footwear. For winter and summer, at average degree of dampness high army boots (berets) perfectly will approach. They do not get wet, heat, a rigid sole (it is better corrugated with a massive low heel) keep excludes troubles on the rough, stony or mountain country. Besides, such boots perfectly fit a leg and reduce a possibility of dislocations and stretchings of an ankle by 80% (!) .

Bertsa happen different and differ at the price - there is a rate on comfort and long term. The most expensive footwear is offered by the American companies ( of Bates, Vibram, Rothco, M3 and so forth) - boots are heavy, but inside have thick soft laying, a double waterproof layer, the seams in several layers stitched. Couple approximately costs from $100 up to $250 , each boot of grams on 700 - 800 weighs, serve very long (not one long campaign can be passed), are intended, generally for tourists, but not for military.

Average degree - the most widespread model (firms - producers: The East, the Alloy, Columbia, Campus, Asolo ), not such heavy, rather comfortable, inside, besides, laid laying, but protective qualities and long term are reduced, there are near $70 - $120 .

Quite good army boots are offered by domestic producer, they it is much easier in comparison with the western analogs, but also is more rigid, laying (fur or natural fabric) thin and is quickly worn out (for the third day of a campaign you get used to it). The service is short though all depends on leaving if it is accurate to watch boots and somewhere in time to glue and hem - will last for a long time. Low price - of $30 - $60 . The statistics shows that beginners take the most expensive and heavy footwear more often (risking to load strongly legs), and people skilled stop the choice on less comfortable, but easier.

Several useful tips:

1. take In a campaign with yourself spare couple of laces. If the main frays and will tear, you will get rid of an annoying problem.

2. As soon as you will set up camp for spending the night, be not too lazy and clean footwear from dirt (it is possible even to process water-repellent structure), and hang up before a fire to dry (accurately not to burn). And before sleeping, clean under a canopy next day not to find in them traces of a night rain or morning dew.

3. buy Boots a month before a campaign, and slowly wear in in the city. New skin firm, and very strongly rubs legs. It is better to receive sores benign in the city, than to die of pain on a route.

4. Upon purchase pay attention to the necessary size. Boots should not dangle on a leg at all, reap strongly. Take into account and the fact that you, perhaps, should put on warm woolen socks in a campaign or to enclose an additional insole.

5. In the city you watch a condition of skin and seams that in the following exit to the nature not to suffer from dampness. And before a campaign it is the best of all to impregnate through boots with special waterproof ointment or usual fat.

At all this it is necessary to remember that in campaigns of narrow specialization other footwear is required absolutely, and boots just will be unnecessary. It concerns, for example, mountain ascensions, difficult cave descents and kayak alloys. And, of course, boots like Doctor Martins, Grinders and so forth are not intended for circulation in a campaign at all.

Be attentive, you go hiking, and you will be able to solve a footwear problem without assistance soon. Good rest in the spring and in the summer!