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How married couples go? You never watched

how married couples go? Gripping show! About it it would be possible to write the poem. Poem of such family gait. And gait, but not a pokhodok because it needs to be observed in a complex. As there are both, together, and as gait of one depends on gait of another. Here everything matters - and how the leg is put, and how partners move on the relation to each other (who ahead, and who behind), and, even, a case inclination at the movement.

It is very interesting to observe the commanding couple. If He is a chief (especially if not small), then goes, having highly raised the head and surely having exposed a stomach forward. Hands are free and slightly move to a step to steps. Steps are not too big, sedate. The leg is put firmly as though he is in advance sure that under it the century basalt plate and can happen nothing to it. The spouse, as a rule, goes or level with, or on a half-step having lagged behind. The head is highly raised too, but all - is slightly lower, than at the husband (by the way if not below, then the chief he became not so long ago, and the wife, most likely, does not work), and the look is slightly slanted towards the partner. In eyes at the same time the desire not to overtake and not to make something before or across the husband is easily read.

An interesting kind of the chief - the chief of some left office or that whip - friends. It pokhodon resembles the movement of the simple large chief with one amendment - the movements sharper (the person that not for a long time there knows), and, above all - hands! Hands at it move not so smoothly. And in general, at it, as a rule, something is in hands, something turns or is nervously fingered. As a last resort in left! to his hand vozlegat abrupt mobile phone . Legs are rearranged too freely, but is softer, though is sure, and at the same time with easy turn of the case. Its couple already precisely goes having slightly lagged and more frankly catching the partner`s eyes. It also is clear - all what it has, she is obliged it is known to whom. He is a supporter!. The movements its slightly vain, the steps which are rather tripping (though there are also options). But whatever were the movements of obviously weak half, they are always carried out from the back and slightly from flanks main figure of the movement .

It is not really interesting to watch equal partners, honestly. They most often walk if without cadence, then at one level - it is obligatory. Occasionally mow a look in the parties (from the partner) to orient. Something can often be discussed. And, unlike the previous options these discuss jointly as equals, and if one at the same time convinces another, then it is exclusive due to arguments, but not the authority.

At the first two options discussion per se is impossible. There are two scenarios of behavior - or I in this case understand better you - me and to solve or well you there want today? . And if the first scenario can be played by any half depending on an orientation, then the second is unambiguous only from it. It is excessive to speak for what couples it works more often! Here everything is clear.

The following category is very original the fact that they not so often leave together. Obviously, there is some share of constraint or, more precisely, than shyness of the partner. Well, here to expostulate there is nobody - it is necessary to maintain reputation! You, probably, already guessed that it is couple in which the chief is the wife.

Those rare days when all of them - leave together, it is worth looking at it! She goes ahead not simply, and AHEAD. It - the center, and it is visible to all and everyone at once. If suddenly it unintentionally appears before it, then the remark at once sounds. No, do not think what bad - not of the the place in a system - it is not so silly! Women in general people very tactful - she just loudly notices some defect in his clothes (for example) or in gait. But it becomes vsegdaochen successfully. And so that the husband right there wants to clean up where - nibud. And where still it is possible to disappear how not for a back of the precious ? Discussion in principle is not possible! Everything is solved individually. If when the question on the subject " is set; as you think it always purely rhetorical and regardless of the answer the comment will be type: My God, and why I only asked you? You all the same understand nothing it! On weak objections the final sentence it seems sounds: I already once listened to you and what from this left? .

In this regard you can assume gait of such couple. Its steps, though are slow, but sure, firm. Whereas they are quite soft (God forbid the dearest will hear its gait). If they walk arm-in-arm, it sometimes happens, then the impression is made that it conducts it somewhere, and he, though does not want, but understands that to disappear - that all the same is no place. However, quite so it also is.

The special case represents supervision over the quarreled spouses. The simplest option at the second category. Here everything is very simple: and you better and do not lean out of the car, I and without you will cope .

At the third group it is most interesting to supervision. Spouses go though together, but is felt that between them a distance. And it is easy to notice guilty of quarrel - he (she) alternately throws imperceptible views of the partner, verifying the actions. The offended spouse keeps more independently and if darts glances at the second half, then only to let know again you are absent nearby when it is necessary .

The fourth group is in this regard simply unique. Guilty person here always one. And if you still did not guess who exactly, then you already could not be helped. Of course, not it.

What conclusions from all this can be drawn? Well in - the first: if you sometime decide to become a chief, then you need to get a stomach. And it is necessary to take care of it beforehand. The chief without stomach - it is unpresentable, ugly, and, above all - is unclear!

In - - if you not the woman, of course, do not choose the second to yourself in the chief`s wife. Otherwise always and you will be guilty of everything.

And at last - if you did not find yourself in one of these groups, then tell the author - he will correct the error and will meet this lack.