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As it is successful to marry and avoid marriage in marriage?

Sociologists note change of female priorities. About five years ago the majority of female editions, following moods of readers, defended advantages of economic independence. Today many women realized that old kind family values give more opportunities for stability in life, than business career.

Now women`s magazines are full of councils of psychologists and sexologists how to select to themselves the partner in life. Attention: this is not about love! Most often it is about how to choose the necessary party and not to be mistaken. According to professionals, not all men are capable to sustain Gimeney`s bonds. With many of them marriages are from the very beginning doomed to disintegration. In vain not to spend time, sincere and physical forces, to women, judging by conclusions of experts, it is necessary to avoid men of nine types.

Type first. These are those who long time of veins one. Among them those who do not support communications with relatives are most unreliable. They are busy by themselves and derive from it pleasure. Marriage, having sharply limited their freedom, nothing, except feeling of discontent, will cause in them. Marriage is considered by them as bonds from which it is necessary to escape.

Type second. Persons who seek to perceive everything from the point of view of a prize or loss treat it. They are not capable to purely human feelings, are excessively rational, cannot estimate acts from the point of view of other party. But life never happens simple and logical, as if they wanted it.

Type third. It persons who are not able to refuse the developed way of life. Among them there are a lot of dreamers who think literary images, live in dreamland. Marriage for them the excess burden forcing to adjoin to guilty reality.

Type fourth. Individuals who are physiologically not capable to fidelity preservation to one partner reject installation on the fact that healthy sexual needs for a family are natural to strong marriage. Marriages with them eventually break up in several years.

Type fifth. Braque assumes daily interchange with other person. But in our environment there are a lot of such who prefers to go deep into own thoughts and affairs. Sometimes it is just excessively timid people. You avoid them, advises the magazine, to live with them very hard, you and without them can talk to a doll or the character of a picture.

Type sixth. It is also dangerous if the potential partner in marriage pays excessive attention to some details of a way of life, for example, food, to clothes, the dwelling. In the beginning it seems just ridiculous and even to darlings, but gradually bothers, begins to cause irritation and becomes frequent the gap reason.

Type seventh. These are those who show dislike for children. If the person does not love other people`s children, then hardly he will love the, it is difficult to expect that he will be a good parent.

Type eighth. Self-confident, self-confident people who overestimate the abilities, but are very exacting to other family members.

Type ninth. Just those who cannot find the suitable partner after numerous shows.

Lovely ladies! Successful party in marriage - it is fine if it for you is acceptable. But everything stated will lose any meaning when your internal Quality Department finds existence of love.