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How to struggle with the neighbor abusing karaoke ?

We a lot of things are ready to forgive under beneficial influence of the spring sun. It is thought to me that the measure of our patience directly depends on longitude and warmth of day. I am by nature a person very indulgent, and, probably, therefore it was sure that it is simple to step on a throat to someone else`s song cannot I am not what barbarian

In this delusion I stayed until my neighbor did not buy a karaoke. Four days I listened to the song about Three tankmen Green-eyed taxi and You Rustle - you rustle it is necessary me, byaroza . Good songs, there are no words. I learned words, and on familiar chords quietly podmykivat: - - z... clouds go gloomy with m - m - m - the m silence is embraced . A small inconvenience was given only sacred belief of the neighbor in what to sing without microphone defectively, infantile lack of complexes concerning vocal skills and an absolute disorientation in time.

I will give below the detailed scheme of a demarche which I undertook with the cubic head, after four sleepless nights. At once I warn: the scheme working and on any of its episodes it is possible to receive positive result.

Episode the first: Illusive threat

the Essence consisted in we wash personal diplomatic visit, a heap of rassharkivaniye and the most polite request to allow me to sleep. The neighbor looked puzzled, not given a drink and sad. It was necessary to resort to an easy mention of the worrying public, the month which is carried out in the area: Hello, I am your new district police officer! and to secure with the arrangement on muting of decibels in the presence of knock battery.

Episode of the second: Attack of clones

Implementation of the arrangement lasted one and a half days then to the neighbor guests came. Karaoke washed and read the burial service in eight throats. Neighbors joined my helps, at last. We were a coward small group to the violator of rest who long and captiously asked through a door what - rastaky we wanted, and claimed that music at it davny - was covered long ago with the bad word. Fault notes in its voice seemed to us encouraging, and we receded.

Episode the third: The revenge of sitkh

Silence lasted almost eternity - three days. After that concerts, probably from - for lack of applications from toilers, renewed with new forces. On a warpath at my persistent request acted cooperative of owners of apartments and the district police officer Dima. But for overlapping of a roof and installation of counters the neighbor had no debts. And the district police officer methodically within a week pushed in a note door with offers to come to preventive conversation. Generally, revenging it was reduced to what to look at the fused neighbour`s traffic jams KSK - the ovsky electrician (the neighbor replaced them itself) was not, and Dima, having met on our Pavarotti`s street, muffledly lectured it because it was anxious with a robbery of " shop; Salamander from where carried away on many tyshchshch to goods.

Episode the fourth: New Nadezhda

Went the second week of opposition. Songs were shouted, most likely, to spite. And as with a spring it became possible to open a balcony that the neighbor and became, - listened to them all yard now.

As the object did not give in to influences, I decided to act through an inner circle. About mailboxes the neighbour`s new passion of Nadj got to me. Very reserved and tactfully I explained

to Nadia as her darling is wrong. As the songs it forces down from a rhythm of all who hear it how babies cry and old women are christened, hearing its new rollicking And behind a window platbands - and! Walk yes sing, groan - and - chnik . Nadia promised to affect.

I did not consider only one: at such neighbors as mine, Nadezhda is easily replaced by Vera And afterwards Lyubov

the Episode the fifth comes: The empire strikes back

Having been tired of fight, I decided to go to mother. To sleep and, at last, to feel a fine pacification in the head. On a loggia, for my absence, the cat was exposed. And in the same place (I swear!) - the old razzyavlenny cosmetics bag which serves me as the first-aid kit is precipitately left. As the valerian was the most demanded medicine in the light of events, the cat immediately took it into consideration. It was fitted in the most ordinary and dirty way. And about it could not constrain the delights. Shouted as an ocean tow....

One o`clock in the morning to my mother was called by the chairman of housing cooperative to consult - whether to resolve rescuers to break a door? In the apartment there is something awful

I did not allow to Break a door, but, having come tearing along by a taxi and having passed through a system of reproachfully whispering neighbors, I saw the unfortunate Sinatra`s look. He took part in a neighbour`s choral for the first time. Perhaps it seemed to me that in his look something appeared between indignation and admiration?.

Episode of the sixth: Return of the Jedi the neighbor came back home

when he wanted. Probably, in the work preferred freelance. And, all - my evening kovyryaniye on the platform interested him in a guard. It stopped. It began to be picked. Little by little, and besides consultations about traffic jams - automatic machines and conducting, also silent mental anguish was sounded - there is a wish to sing songs, and around one enemies

In couple of days in pub that at us is based in a regional supermarket, I talked over from barmenshy Irochkaya who as experiment agreed to what during her following shift we with the neighbor will carry out a karaoke - tournament.

As all this occurred - material of separate article.

The fact is important - I sleep in normal city silence now. And even when I open a loggia. And even when to the neighbor guests come. It conducts all of them in the bar where allocated it a closet - under the device . The neighbor in general seldom stays at home now - popularity, all - burden. And innovative ideas - here, literally the day before yesterday shared: the totalizator wants to arrange, and devchach a sit-round gathering with a karaoke, both a chanson competition, and evening of military songs