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Whom were in life heroes fate - operas Juno and Perhaps ?

on April 8, 1764 (on new style) in one of noble families of St. Petersburg Nikolay Rezanov who it will become unexpected nearly an idol for the whole generation of the Soviet people more than 200 years at all later was born. More precisely, in 206 years when the poet Andrey Voznesensky got acquainted with the history Romeo and Juliette 18th century - the count Nikolay Rezanov and 15 - the summer daughter of the commandant of fortress Maria Dominga Konsepsion Arguelyo or better known to us by the name of Conchita.

As it often happens also in literature and life - that puzzles the world glory developed, the artist and time is necessary. Today very few people know that doctor von Langsdorf, the personal doctor and the employee Rezanova who published the " for the first time sounded history of this mad love; Notes about a trip round the world... in 1812 in Frankfurt. But in the course then, in 1812, there were heroes so works of the doctor remained almost unnoticed.

And here Voznesensky did not miss the opportunity. In 1970 he wrote the poem Perhaps who noticed unless in literary circles. And in 1977 he on the basis of the poem created the libretto fate - operas, having organized a creative duet with Alexey Rybnikov. And since then more than a quarter of the century of hardly anyone is left indifferent by this touching story of love.

Whom were heroes in life?

We will begin with Nikolay Rezanov. He since young years firmly trained himself for service of Russia. And though Mitrofanushek was enough also in those far times, but Nikolay was not from them: by 14 years showed remarkable abilities to linguistics, having learned 5 languages. Then, at so early age, the count arrives on military service which, however, not especially seduces it. Having served something about 7 years, Nikolay Petrovich retires. It is waited by interesting work in the St. Petersburg State Chamber.

A lot of things gave to the young count acquaintance, and then and close cooperation with one of the most educated people of that time - Gabriel Romanovich Derzhavin who was at that time an office - Catherine II`s secretary. The most great Russian poet promoted that Rezanov was appointed to a position of the governor of office Derzhavin, he fulfilled these duties for three years.

The count enjoyed special confidence of the imperial yard. In any case, when in 1802 there was a question: whom to appoint the envoy to Japan and the head of the first Russian round-the-world expedition on shlyupa Hope and Neva - the choice was predetermined in advance: of course, count N. P. Rezanov.

By the way, behind this travel (1803 - 1806) fixedly all Russian public watched. Short reports were published in the " magazines conducting at that time; Bulletin of Europe " Lyceum; Northern bulletin . The outstanding Russian historian Nikolay Mikhaylovich Karamzin considered as the important mission support of a komendor of Rezanov. He highlighted that Nikolay Petrovich`s candidacy was chosen very correctly.

In it there was no exaggeration. In way Rezanov composed two books at once: The Management to knowledge of Japanese containing the alphabet and initial grammatical rules and talk, and Dictionary of Japanese . Unfortunately, any of them was not issued.

Diary entries of Nikolay Petrovich were not less interesting. This peculiar magazine consisted of two parts. Initial, entitled The First travel of Russians about light covers 1803-1804 and describes visit of Denmark, Zealand, Sweden, England, Spain and other European countries, Canary and the Sandwich Islands. The second part told about travel to Japan and back in 1804-1805. But if the first part was published in the " magazine; Domestic notes in 1822-1825, fragments of the second - nearly two centuries later.

So it developed that the destiny prepared the column two tests at once. In - the first, despite all his efforts, it were not accepted by the emperor of Japan that could not but affect Rezanov`s image in the opinion of the imperial house. And in - the second, Nikolay Petrovich completely quarreled with the captain Hopes I. F. Krusenstern who had the views of how the position of the head of expedition has to be taken up. Business reached that Rezanov on arrival to Petropavlovsk even dashed off the complaint to illegal actions of Krusenstern.

In such condition of internal sincere disorder Nikolay Petrovich also arrived to Alaska. He saw at once that put here obviously do not shine. And right there bought the vessel " from Americans; Juno also went personally in San - Frantsisko to conduct negotiations with Americans.

And it vented the offense on Japanese impudent attacks to Sakhalin. Took part in them as Juno and the new vessel - the tender Perhaps . Could change significantly these attacks a situation? It is unlikely! Just thus Rezanov facilitated soul.

But we will pass, actually, to love. When managed to become attached so to each other 42 - the summer and already learned a charm of family life count Rezanov and 15 - the summer daughter of the commandant of fortress? For this purpose, as they say, a lot of time is not necessary. They got acquainted on a ball, and women at parade always seem more romantic. Rezanov took occasion by the forelock at once and offered engagement. Parents of the bride did not object. Whether asked who about it Maria? It is difficult to tell. But, most likely, she also did not object. And how it was possible to object if to you such legendary person asks in marriage?!

Whether she loved it actually? Perhaps, a little less ardently, than it is shown at Voznesensky, all - literature is literature, and life is life.

One is clear - she waited for the groom honestly, but unless can be differently? It is unlikely at that time in Maria`s environment there were young people who could be compared to the count Rezanov both on a level of development, and on a knowledge of life, and on affable manners to women. And the last circumstance is of very great importance for innocent girls.

But anyway, and the destiny disposed in own way. Nikolay Petrovich picked up a fever and burned down in very short time. He died on March 1, 1807. And Maria waited! Long and unsuccessfully. Only 35 years when by it it was executed half a century later, she lost any hope and took the veil. Her life ended 16 years later!

To what we are taught by history of this love? First of all, to the fact that it is necessary to fight for happiness. And not to put off what can be made today. It is possible if Rezanov would offer for the sake of love career and current affairs, everything would develop in a different way! But how here not to remember an aphorism: History does not suffer a subjunctive mood .