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To whom does turquoise bring happiness?

of Turquoise Happiness to our house will bring value blue

with itself.

Ancient were believed that turquoise brings happiness to the owner, and good luck accompanies it in all undertakings. However, only in kind undertakings. This amazing stone helps, it appears, only that at whom is not present in heart of rage and hostility. Therefore blue turquoise is a symbol of the highest spirituality, it inspires the owner on fight against the evil. Turquoise reconciles all hostile and stops quarrels.

Persians called " turquoise; firuzy - happiness stone. According to a legend, turquoise brings happiness in love and marriage because it turned out from bones of the died lovers. Thus, if the young man presented ornament from turquoise to the girl, it speaks about reciprocity of feelings. If further the stone grows dull or will become green, so and the feeling died away.

Egyptians believed that turquoise preserves riders against falling from a horse. Tried to have a turquoise ring at itself also each Russian cavalryman. Was considered that rather a stone in a ring will burst, than the fallen rider will injure a hand or a leg.

By the way, in Egypt, on the Sinai Peninsula, there are most ancient developments of turquoise, - they are conducted since 6000. The Egyptian Pharaohs sent numerous slaves to the deserts of Sinai. They cut out from turquoise of scarab beetles who were just idolized. For example, in Amon`s temple - Ra in Karnak there is the huge sizes a scarab beetle whom it is necessary to bypass seven times, - and the treasured desire will be granted.

Hindus carried this radiant stone for protection against a lightning. They also believed that turquoise helps the hunter to hit the target precisely.

Buddhists read turquoise because they believed that action of this stone helped Buddha to destroy a monster.

Merchants of the East considered that the person, at whom is on a hand, the ring from turquoise, will never grow poor. He and his family will live in wealth and prosperity.

It is considered also that turquoise is a fine mascot for the people who are going in for the exact sciences and also awakens a creative power and intuition.

It appears, turquoise strengthens all organism, forcing to work as it as hours . For this purpose it is necessary to carry it in a bracelet with a gold frame on the right hand.

Besides, turquoise improves sight. For this purpose it is necessary to admire it in the mornings. In the east believe that the person who looked since morning at turquoise will be free all day from grief and cares.

It is also useful to heart, lungs, a liver, a thyroid gland. It treats cold, allergies, skin inflammations. If to hang up turquoise on a neck, it helps to stop bleeding.

Turquoise helps the people having sleeplessness and nightmares, drives away evil thoughts.

It is necessary to notice that all aforesaid belongs to blue turquoise. Green turquoise is considered dead stone. As a rule, tarnishing and a pozeleneniye of this stone warns the person about the beginning illness. This results from the fact that turquoise does not love temperature drops and humidity (and being in hands of the sick person, it is subject to these misfortunes) - it changes the color.

So all want - to present all this magic stone - a turquoise stone of happiness!