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What secrets will be revealed by the house about his owner? There are no

In the world absolutely identical people as there are no identical leaves on trees. Each person is in own way beautiful, original, unique, individual. Here only people can have similar habits. In particular, such features, as in everything to observe a perfect order or, on the contrary, to live in the house where the devil will break the head . With some frequency and a certain degree of brightness they can be shown at people of a different sex, age, nationality, the social status etc. of

meanwhile, foreign psychologists conducted a series of researches which demonstrate that the apartment situation (rooms, at home, of a cottage ) can tell a lot of things about her owner. Often or not really, but visits each of us.

It appears, on a visit it is possible not only to drink tea, to share the latest news, to wash up stones to acquaintances and foes but also to combine business with pleasure. You were invited on a visit? Do not linger! Be attentive, look round around, imperceptibly observe a situation in the apartment. Thanks to simple experiment within your powers to learn subtleties of character of your acquaintance about which the person does not tell and we sometimes do not guess or just we do not notice them. Such kind of test on the dwelling will help to avoid many unpleasant illusions and disappointments.

Taking into account a situation experts conditionally divided of owners of apartments into 5 categories:

1. Rationalist. In his house everything shines and sparkles: neither motes, nor a mote, here everything is polished to gloss. And any trifle keeps at a distance. It stacks personal belongings in small lockers, on shelves, in bedside tables which in the apartment, as a rule, a set. Furniture of reserved tones: often there are black or white colors. Such people are cold in the love relations. Are strict. Are exacting. Are imperious. If you allow, are sterile, as well as their apartments. Do not forgive mistakes, but are devoted friends and faithful companions of life.

2. Boaster. Pays special attention to design. Having crossed a threshold of its apartment, you will get to a bright hall. The bathroom can be scarlet color, in a drawing room - the real antique shop. Usually people are rich or wealthy. They got used to be the focus of attention. Modesty, tranquility, shyness - all this not about them. The glory, aspiration to luxury, thirst of life, interest in all new, unknown and beautiful - here that attracts and attracts boasters . Perhaps, it very much even good and decent people. But be careful, for such person you can be the next exhibit in its antiquarian apartment.

3. Absent-minded individualist. As a rule, it is the intellectual. Its apartment is a peculiar storage of books, magazines, photos The desktop is filled up with newspapers and papers. In vases - the dried-up flowers, in the apartment - a disorder (quite often, but not always!) . These are creative, responsible, interesting, clever people. If in their apartment sometimes the work involving all hands, then it at all not for the reason is also formed that they are unscrpulous and inaccurate. Just in their head there are so much thoughts, projects and ideas that in attempts to carry out them and to realize individualists often do not notice a situation around. With such people to you never to miss: they are widely-read, intellectually developed, formed. They have many friends, same individualists as well as they are.

4. Chaotic individualist. his clothes are scattered on all apartment, often roll on chairs and even on a floor. Instead of a bed - the broken sofa, under it - books, socks, old newspapers, wrappers from candies etc. Such people are seldom at home. Order is brought on holidays. As it is paradoxical, but these are very reliable friends and lovers. They are constant, conservative, do not love changes. Having appeared in the similar house, be not frightened, - pleasant, of course, it is not enough, but the order is not the most important. But with such people to go on reconnaissance informidably!

of 5. Practician. At it always the filled refrigerator. The apartment is arranged with upholstered furniture. Most of all in life appreciates love and tasty food. Avoids the conflicts. Hospitable person. Reliable friend. Good colleague. It is not necessary to expect that he will make an outstanding career, but as the family man or the lover is the most preferable type. Usually it is quiet people who do not love haste and vanity, appreciate comfort, did not get used to work hard, but good rest is for them sacred.

I will not claim that this classification is absolute, does not allow variations and additions. At desire, and it can be specified and specified... The most important that by means of these supervision each of us can reveal something new, interesting and useful to himself. Someone will once again be convinced that his friend - the best, reliable and devoted companion. Others will open rare abilities and talents in the acquaintances. The third will read and will wonder and what my house will tell about me to my friends, close familiar? But whether it is time to arrange clear-out in a favourite nest?

Be, friends, are hospitable and friendly, but always remain yourself and if change, then only to the best! World and happiness to your house!