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As what to choose a hosting: paid or free?

If at you already hang source codes for the website on the computer, and you thought up the exclusive name, then now it was necessary only to decide on the place of residence of your child, namely, on a hosting. There are two types of a hosting - paid and free. I long thought how to show them to you, free, whatever one may do, but loses more paid therefore I decided to tell you about pluses and minuses, and you already decide where to you to hang out the website.

Paid hosting.

As they say if you have money, then you can do everything, but here on the Internet such counter does not roll yet. Though if it is enough to enclose, then it is possible to receive normal return. If you were going to lay out money for a hosting, then I advise to do the website not on usual HTML, and at least for PHP or ASP that all services which will be on the website were completely interactive, and then money which you will give for the website though somehow will pay off.

On a paid hosting you pay for the place so carefully think over as you will spend space, and how many it is necessary to buy at first not to overpay once again. And that, having bought 200 megabytes, you load there only 50, and will pay for all 200. I would advise for a start to make the website trial, in a look a beta - versions and to look whether it is necessary in the Network or not. That is, to try to krutanut it a little and if it does not turn out, then it is necessary to think out something new. Because without attendance on a paid hosting not to leave strong - that and is necessary.

One more advantage of a paid hosting is a speed of opening of pages and pumping out of files from the website. That is, if you conceived to make archive of clips or music, then safely throw it on a paid hosting because now it is quite popular type of the websites, and they, by means of advertizing, quickly enough pay off. Do not forget only about copyright compliance - it is only possible to spread what is authorized owners.

One more of pluses of a such hosting is that on it you will be able to shower any sort cursors and scripts. The paid hosting supports practically all formats.

And the most important - the paid hosting gives you the first domain name, that is, an imya_polzovatel. ru, or imya_polzovatel. com, etc. That is, such names can be registered in any catalogs, speaking more simply, the road to all corners of the Internet is opened for them.

Free hosting. Creators of a free hosting constantly want to attract with

to themselves clients therefore the majority of them provide the unlimited place for storage of information. Many are also engaged in creation of various free services, from creation of templates to guest books and a rating of visitors.

Minuses of a free hosting are that it, in most cases, does not support such formats as PHP or ASP, even Java do not read many. Though, such services where it is possible to make also the website written for PHP or ASP already began to appear. But if they are, then those people who provide such service demand from the creator of observance of any certain rules. Sometimes, even too rigid in order that to carry out them. Sometimes more than 50 megabytes do not give, but it is possible to load for PHP or ASP.

The second minus is a speed. To download from a free hosting information much longer, than from paid. Besides, from - for the fact that save on the equipment - money - that nobody pays it to them.

The most considerable plus is that a hosting - free, and you do not need to spread monthly money that on yours looked at a child. And if you created the usual home page then to you will be enough and this hosting, after you hang out the website in the Network, you niskolechko should not pay for it. So, and attendance can be increased in any second, and it is possible and in general not to watch it.