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What is soul?

of People, being very interesting being, sometimes raises for himself questions on which answers (direct) cannot be found. What there is time? Whether the Universe has an end? And, at last, and what is soul about which sometimes speak very much, to which sometimes address ? I consider that everyone for himself has to give the answer to this question (if of course you are interested in such questions). I will try, having introduced the idea about it, it is simple to guide you at a chain of reasonings as a result of which you can come and absolutely to another (than I) to a conclusion.

So it soul?

In the most ancient times people thought of what moves them acts that forces them to feel, to endure, experience various emotions of everyone in own way. And that`s it then, in childhood of the world, the first time of people paid attention to what now is called soul.

The soul was always considered as internal contents of each personality. That is, without soul of people is only a corporal cover. Much attention was paid to soul (and it is given still) by all religions of the world. It is possible even to tell that the religion per se and resulted from attempts of people to explain essence of soul.

The soul was put always on the first place in any times at any nations and nationalities. Whether it be Ancient Egypt with his belief in reincarnation, life after death or India in the person of the Buddhism with renunciation of all real and education of the (again-) souls. And it is only separate examples.

Modern society became colder and cruel therefore seldom who already speaks about soul, thinks of this phenomenon (I will not be afraid of this word). But nevertheless each person (at least, I so consider) has a soul, and he anyway addresses it, and does it constantly, consciously or is not present.

Whether you why one person is more constraining, than another reflected, or is more fearless? It qualities of character, probably, will tell many. And what is character? It is in fact the same soul, only from the scientific point of view.

There is rather large number of opinions on whether there is a soul and if yes, what it is. But all variety of those judgments can be united in several groups of opinions. So, here they.

1. There is no Soul and cannot be . This opinion is shared generally by the sceptics, people who are brought closer to science. They believe that in the nature there is no what they cannot explain from a science position.

2. The Soul is, but that it - is unknown . Most of people think quite so that there is no time to think of the matter, or there is no desire, or that and another.

3. The Soul is the blessing of the person given from above . This opinion of the religious people explaining the world and the nature proceeding from dogmas of the belief.

4. The Soul lives in heart of the person and together with aura is a biofield of the person . This judgment appeared not so long ago, and it seems to me, is brought most of all closer to reality. Just other points of view cannot be truthful (my opinion) from - for their simplicity the explanations of this question existing as if for a starting signal.

So as I already at the beginning noted, to everyone to solve most, there is a soul or not, it is granted sky or nature. I only tried to explain it, not only for you, my dear reader, but also for myself.