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How competently to get ready for a trip?

the Forthcoming travel whether far close, pleasant or not really, often nonpluses the person. How to get ready for a trip? What needs to be taken with itself and what it is possible to do freely in way without? One famous person very precisely noticed: To Leave is a little to die .

Natural nervousness before the unknown, and, maybe, even a stress, prevent the potential passenger to concentrate on collecting. And inevitably coming departure time in combination with full unavailability to it enters the poor traveler into a time trouble or a stupor that for it already generally same.

Of course, it is ideally good to drive about in this world at all without the burdening suitcases, or, as a last resort, with an easy case in a hand. In principle, the modern level of service gives the chance to people to travel with only one plastic in a pocket. And if you are able to afford such way, for you it is only possible to be glad.

The rest whose motto - a baggage minimum - a comfort maximum, - it is anyway recommended to begin with drawing up the list. Depending on the purpose of your trip, it can be longer or shorter. If it is business voyage, then do not forget to include documents here and all for the sake of what you, actually, also go to a way. And if you are going to have a rest properly, then the list that will be longer, than your rest is more active. That is, the tent, a small lamp, cream can be necessary for you for suntan, flippers or skis, well and so on The list conditionally is divided into two parts - it is things and products.

It is good if about a trip you foreknow, then it is possible to begin to make the list in good time, method of sudden inspiration. That is, remembered - wrote down. But if you need to gather to the night train, and you just returned from work, then it is necessary to take a sheet of paper and a pencil, to sit down in a chair, to calm down and imagine mentally:

1. All the estimated way on the way.

2. The day lived on the place of arrival.

The principle of drawing up the list such is. Here you mentally enter a compartment. It is good to change clothes. Means, you write down - a road suit and slippers. Further. You already settled down near a window. Now it would be a high time to drink coffee. You write down - a favourite cup, a spoon. Woke up in the morning, you go to a bathroom. You write - a towel. Well and so on. It is desirable that the things chosen by you to the road were easy and multipurpose.

That is, take such slippers in which you will be able not only to stamp on a compartment, but also to rise under a shower in hotel. Refuse the darling, but a heavy porcelain mug in favor of easy, plastic if it for you not essentially. In business trip very useful thing - a boiler. Also take with yourself such trifles as a knife, a corkscrew, a needle with a thread, well etc. not to ask them then in the next compartments. If, of course, you are not going to use it as a reason for acquaintance. However, it is already absolutely other subject.

So, the list is made. But you do not hurry to throw at once things in a bag. At first put them on a table or on a sofa as it is convenient to you, at the same time marking out them in the list. Thus, when you will put the last tick, all things will be before your eyes, and you with guarantee will forget nothing. It is possible to begin packing, but at first one small secret.

Pull out a cardboard bottom from a bag bottom and lay a polyethylene leaf down. It for protection against pools and snowdrifts. Before to return a piece of cardboard into place, make an edge on edge of a cover an accurate cut. Place the sum sufficient for purchase of the ticket for a way back in the formed taynichok in emergency. It will give you confidence though it will be better if you remember this grist, having safely come back home.

We begin packing with things which will be necessary to you only on the place of arrival. Therefore on the top there will be what is required to you soon. Soft things (clothes) try to arrange from the inside of a bag not to injure themselves acute angles when walking. For road reading (something disposable that later not to drag reading with itself useless freight), skanvord, the handle with a notebook, a cosmetics bag and toilet accessories use side pockets of a bag.

First-aid kit. Everyone knows the sores therefore do not forget to take with yourself to the road the most necessary.

Two words about products. Do not take much then not to impose them to neighbors in a compartment. Refuse from perishable, strongly smelling, and also fat and sticky products. Also do not drink a lot of liquid in way. Do not create excess problems to yourself and people around.

And still - if necessary in advance take care of roaming!

By the way! But whether you forgot about the toothbrush? This artful thing quite often manages to stay at home.

Yes, nearly forgot - do not throw out your list! Here you will see - there will pass time, and it is required to you again.

Well, here, apparently, we also gathered. Sat down on a path

A now - happy journey! And let your travel will be easy and pleasant!