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Whether it is good to live in Moscow?

Recently in dispute with the girlfriend we touched upon a subject of the big and small cities. There was a question of whether everything is good - to live in the big city? I consider

Ya that to live in the big city - just fine. Moscow - the city, worthy admiration! Prospects, opportunities, dynamic life full of interesting events and new impressions.

And - strangely enough - absence of such amount of dirt and rudeness which is peculiar to the small cities. There is no such open hatred and rage on the relation to each other. I can assume that it is caused by higher standard of living and security of people, big difference in the income is in many respects the reason of a dissatisfaction and rage.

There is an opinion that the big city either breaks, or does stronger. And therefore only the purposeful, self-assured person who precisely knows what he wants from this life can survive here.

For the first time coming to the capital, many consider that on them here at once highly paid work, the apartment, the car and cheerful, trouble-free life will come on a silver platter.

However here nobody waits for anybody, and nobody will help even in the most difficult moment. It is possible to count only on himself and own forces. Not for nothing so popular was a proverb Moscow does not trust tears .

In Moscow can unscrupulously deceive the inexperienced person, special callousness and general vanity reigns here. But all - - if the person is clever, educated and though understands people a little, then to reach the desirable will not make for it special work. Yes, it is very difficult, but nobody promised that it is easy to live in the big city. Rather - it is difficult, but it is interesting.

The youth is generally torn to big cities. Here it is simpler to young people to find work, it is simpler to be involved in a mad rhythm of life. None of them want to come back then to the province even if in Moscow not everything successfully turns out.

The big city represents a peculiar state in the state, with the special rules and laws. Problems of provinces are not familiar to citizens, there is no that obsession during a tomorrow, everything is somehow easier and simpler.

And the volume of cultural heritage in big cities in general is enormous. Huge number of the museums, exhibitions, theaters, architecture monuments. All that promotes spiritual development of the personality. Unfortunately, it is possible to understand and estimate it only after years when it is absolutely young - on it you do not pay special attention.

Moscow - the city of singles. Here everyone seeks to arrange career, as much as possible to realize itself(himself) as the personality, do not look for friendship and understanding here. Here just live, live in one afternoon, today and now, without thinking on the future.

Anyway everyone chooses for himself where and as to it to live. For someone quiet, monotonous life in the small city is much more comfortable, than dynamic in big.

As for me, I choose life in the big city. There she is full of riddles and secrets, prospects and opportunities, victories and fulfillments. The big city is a place where dreams become reality, the fairy tale bylyyu, and impossible possible!