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Whether there is a mobile etiquette and what is it?

of Each of you at least once, but phone call irritated. Today you hear melodies of calls everywhere where you went and wherever were. And quite often these melodies which are a little irritating. Though mobile ethics were not absolutely created yet, but it would already be advisable to think of it. Here I also wanted to talk about it.

Imagine a share taxi or the bus in which there are a lot of people, and at someone nearby standing phone rang out. He, naturally, answers a call, but when business reaches the solution of family problems, romanticism and all other, you see, there is a wish to listen to details of others private life not really, it is tiresome and it is not pleasant.

Speaking honestly, it is not the only problem that very much is even offensive. I sit in a reading room of library once. Though at an entrance it is written the request to switch-off " mobile phones; but is also such who ignores requests. And it turned out, on all reading room cried the mobile phone, and his hostess, no to postpone a call, began to talk. Same it is absolutely uncivilized! As it seems to me, in public places the mobile phone should be switched-off, or if you already so are afraid to miss a call then to put on low loudness. Here it, mobile etiquette.

But it, besides, a little. I am sure that each of you at least once saw advertizing of ringtones in which on the Internet it is possible to order speaking melody, " type; The Fool, lift a tube or Give, pour . You represent - to hear it where - nibud in a quiet place. These expressions are still tolerant, but is also with obscene language, rough or sharp. Here personally I do not understand an essence of such expressions, it definitely not to emphasize the identity and to remove people around.

Except all aforesaid it is possible to stop on such service of operators as tonning - it when you call, and to you instead of habitual beeps some Timothy shouts, and you think that the tube was already lifted, and begin to repeat the devil knows how many time HALLO . But it is fine when a melody good which caresses the hearing, but here if is obscene expressions or a hard of box?

You know, I was always surprised to people to whom conversation by the mobile phone is more expensive, than someone`s respect. There were I on an evening with one artist, and at the time of speech of one poetess at the spectator phone rang out, she did not switch off a tube, and at a complete silence in audience began to speak to the husband what she wants pancakes for dinner today. There is a lot of such cases, and they surround us everywhere, once you pay attention, and you will surely see violation of mobile etiquette which is meanwhile not written, but, nevertheless, though somehow, but it developed.

Therefore, putting end, it would be desirable to tell that the mobile etiquette exists, but here only with its performance at people of a problem. Though in all institutions the warning plates also hang, and tirelessly say to us that phone on various evenings, meetings and to that similar actions it is necessary to put on the silent mode, but many even in a mustache do not blow. And though it, all - navsy, respect for all people around.