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How to begin to ride roller skates?

the Scooter - sport.

Leave off smoking, get up on skis! - this ordinary phrase with arrival of summer and general hobby for roller skates, lost relevance a little.

On rollers become all, young and old, departure of the whole family, - mother, the father, I, the grandmother, the grandfather, the aunt, the uncle (to add relatives to taste and a little to shake up) in the day off on rollers became a commonplace.

Is bad only that from all family only the veteran of hockey 70 - the summer grandfather is able to ride, and the others - absurdly touch legs with joyful smiles and at all block all road.

you are not able - we will teach!

Driving on roller skates is not only pleasant pastime, but also heavy sport. The scooter on a straight line is under the own steam capable to disperse to 50 km/h. To kill itself with hours-long trainings and to spend two thousand green units for roller skates, of course, is not necessary, but to ride so that it was not a shame to you, and another - enviably is a worthy purpose.

About advantage of driving.

the Healthy lifestyle, a sports figure, sport - the hall and shaping - it is fashionable now. But sport has to bring not only benefit, but also pleasure.

Driving on roller skates is, first of all, entertainment. But, besides the derived pleasure, constantly riding scooter receives:

1) Excellent endurance;

2) Strong legs and (it is especially important for women) the - the tightened, elastic buttocks;

3) Equal work of a cardiac muscle;

4) the Improved bearing;

5) the Slim figure (in an hour of good driving it is burned calories not less than after wearisome training in the gym);

6) Removal of slags from an organism (after 3 - x, 4 - x hours of driving all your slags accumulate small crystals of salt connections on skin and clothes, being allocated from sweat);

7) the Increased mobility of joints;

8) many other things.


At the same time, a skating - sport injury-causing therefore it is necessary to attend to purchase of protective equipment.

Elbow pieces, kneecaps, gloves, helmet. we Send

- to nobody the necessary excess,

should not spend for it money. - seldom rescue Kneecaps from the injuries of a knee caused supernumerary a leg quirk, but can protect from direct collision with a terrestrial surface. At the same time fairly constrain the movements.

Elbow pieces - too constrain the movements, but are extremely useful when falling at a speed on one side, for example, when the fad loses coupling with a paving and slips aside.

of the Glove - the most useful part of protective equipment. When falling protect a hand from a change, and a palm from the brought wounds, thanks to a rigid insert, besides, if it is correct to fall, nothing except gloves will be required. When falling the scooter becomes on three points of support at once: rollers and two hands, holding other organism at a respectful distance from such solid and rough asphalt.


Equipped on most do not play about and future scooter, ready to everything, certainly, has to get and, actually, skates.

For a start should not spend money for any superexpensive models, but at the same time to buy for 600 rubles Chinese rollers - rattles with completely plastic boot and so plastic frame is not necessary. Driving on such rattles can cause disgust for rollers for the rest of life. The awful crash of nasty bearings, the plastic boot rubbing ankles, besides, in such boot a leg bakes not worse than jotas - a mastiff in a microwave. It is far more reasonable for

to buy budgetary rollers for 2 - 3 thousand, with a normal woven boot and an aluminum frame. For example rollers CK ( Sports " collection;) are very quite good for the price. For a beginner - it is the best option allowing properly to try out new entertainment, and if is pleasant then there is no limit improve to the spent means.


the Best council to the beginning scooter - not to ride alone. In - the first - it is not really interesting, in - the second, to learn to ride hard. It is the best of all to be beaten to some rollersky company at once, and there, looking at them, progress in development of a new type of transport will advance with gigantic strides. To be beaten to such party does not make special work, it is enough to register at some thematic forum in the Internet, to be written off with local frequenters and, having found out where they gather, to go to a meeting. One more plus about such acquaintances - skilled scooters precisely know where it is possible to ride comfortably and where a covering - as a washing board or where motorists adore chasing, and such information will not prevent you as to come to be on jeep someone`s windshield - not really - that pleasant prospect.

Well and finally, several councils.

1. At once remove a brake from skates. Brakes thought up pants! It how to ride mountain skiing, - beginning ski sticks only prevent to study.

2. Do not forget about protection, you will often fall first.

3. Do not ride during a rain and on wet asphalt. In - the first there is a good chance to slip and bryaknutsya in a pool, and in - the second bearings in roller skates do not transfer moisture. Will rust and will go to a garbage can. By the way, on sand too you should not go.

4. Always take with yourself a hexagon and before going, check an inhaling of bolts at wheels. Very strongly it is impossible to twist, but also should not dangle.

5. Too take the small first-aid kit. The bandage, a plaster, peroxide of hydrogen and cotton wool will be useful if not for you, then for new acquaintances from the rollersky company.

6. You do not go slowly, it is much heavier.