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Who such Robert Korzhenevsky?

of This person can be considered unique in track and field athletics. Its performances were monitored by millions. After each starting shot the whole world, and especially Poland, faded, and watched each its step, with impatience expecting the victorious finish. He could never disappoint the fans and all fans of track and field athletics, namely - sports walking.

As my parents is athletes, and were personally familiar with Robert, to get acquainted I was lucky with him too. I also with dying down of spirit monitored its performances, and now I want to tell you about the unique athlete - Robert Korzhenevskom.

Robert Korzhenevsky was born on July 30, 1968 - go years in Poland. Mecheslav Zharnovsky was Robert`s trainer. Under the leadership of this trainer Korzhenevsky became the winner of the Polish youth sports contest in 1985 - m to year. Since 1993 - go years Robert moved to Krakow where he lives now.

After moving to Krakow two years in a row Robert failed. He acted from large competitions twice - at the Olympic Games in Barcelona and in the World Cup in Stuttgart. To it then was only 24, and failures only promoted its further success which did not keep itself waiting long.

Robert Korzhenevsky is a four-time Olympic champion. Only for all history of track and field athletics who could win at the same time two gold medals at the Olympic Games in walking on 20 and 50 kilometers. He made it in 2000 - m to year in Sydney. After that double Robert nearly gave up the career. Later, in one of the interviews to Boris Gersten, Robert called this moment the most critical in his pit.

Since 2000 - go years in Krakow Robert began to hold own competitions at which he collected practically all elite of sports walking. Every year in September he arranged competitions on a main square of the old city - Runek Marsz.

After a gain of the next gold in walking on 50 kilometers at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 - m to year, Robert at himself in Krakow held final competitions. On the wires from big-time sports Robert brought together all famous athletes and veterans of sports walking. That day on Runek Marsz there was a huge holiday. After performance the final part passed in one of the Krakow museums where everyone who knew Robert could state words of gratitude and respect. Robert, in turn, presented to each participant the memorable general photo.

After completion of career Robert began to work at television, namely, headed sports department of the Polish television. In 2006 - m to year it worked at the Olympic Games in Turin, and also was one of torch carriers before opening of games. Before games Robert finished work on creation of the two-part movie on a social subject.

Robert is very sociable person. He is an excellent interlocutor, and can always give advice or express the personal opinion. He knows the Russian, French, Spanish, English languages, successfully is engaged in business.

Robert visited almost whole world, but here at the neighbors of Belarusians did not visit. In one of interview he told that he can, work on television will be able to give such chance, and I very much would like to see this person once again, but already in the homeland.

Robert Korzhenevsky is really unique person. And if somebody else did not know about it, then I am glad that could acquaint you with the great person who can only admire and to speak constantly about his feats in the world of track and field athletics.