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History of automobile concerns or How from hats to pass to production of cars?

All of us know that the name of make of the car Ford comes from a surname of famous Henry Ford. But very few people know how it appeared, if once it did not fall from a horse in operating time on a farm of the father, then the fixed idea would not capture it to create a vehicle which would not inflict suffering and it would be more reliable, than vehicles with use of strength of animals.

So the equestrian - the loser became a legend and the genius of automotive industry. Many names of a car have the interesting story unless Lexus just means luxury and Volkswagen - national and it does not change, and many brands of cars often bear names of the creators. And what others?

The most powerful and untwisted symbol in advertizing - an emblem Chevrolet - once was part of drawing of wall-paper of the Parisian hotel. It was noticed by the first of the most noticeable architects General Motors William Durant, carefully cut out and brought with himself as a souvenir.

Bragging of production to friends, he spoke: The car emblem has to be Such - it will help it to move to infinity . So on November 3, 1911 there was one of the most famous automobile brands - Chevrolet . And this company in honor of Louis Shevrole (Luis Chevrolet) who was not only the talented automobile racer, but also the leading pilot in the Buick team of William Durant was called.

Mazda - the company which history began neither more nor less - with a stopper. And, imagine, not from a traffic jam on the road! From a pith tree the company founded Dzyudziro Matsuda was engaged in construction materials. Gradually passed to production of motorcycles and only then - cars. Here such here evolution!

Three-beam star Mercedes - a symbol of progress of the Daimler company - Motoren - Gesellschaft on the land, water and in air. And a ring frame - a laurel wreath Benz which appeared after merge of two concerns - Damlier and Benz .

Star Mercedes still competes in shine with three " diamonds; Mitsubishi . Both stars, and diamonds three, but here what shines more brightly?

With an origin Opel all was, as in the fairy tale. On slopes and the mountains of Rhine, among the woods in the south of Germany there was a settlement called Oppel, therefore, and inhabitants it were called Opels. The majority of them were peasants, but Tongez Opel decided that to dig in the earth - not the most man`s occupation for his son, and sent it to study. Adam Opel began with production of hats, then passed to bicycles, and here his sons Karl and Wilhelm managed to create more perfect vehicle.

History Volvo began with crayfish. As the book " narrates; Volvo Cars history Volvo begins since June, 1924 when Assar Gabrielsson, future managing director of brand, happened in cafe upon Gustav Larson who became the technical director " subsequently; Volvo . That day in cafe they not for long talked, Gabrielsson offered idea about creation of the enterprise for release of cars. Gustav Larson counted the offer hardly serious and did not attach it special significance.

Gustav Larson promised to think over him and, most likely, would forget about him if they did not meet once again. I absolutely incidentally passed by " restaurant; Sture - hof . I saw advertizing of fresh crayfish and decided to come inside where saw Gabriel sitting alone before the whole mountain of red crayfish. I joined it, and we were accepted to crayfish with big appetite . So, they sat at one table. Gabrielsson had an excellent opportunity to anew discuss his idea. After their oral arrangement the first serial " car appeared on April 14, 1927; Volvo - it was year of birth of automobile branch in Sweden. It is known that it is possible to move differently on different vehicles. Producers Volvo since 1927 suggest to slide, the name in translation from Latin means I slide .

As if quickly you did not slide, went, rushed, drove on the vehicle, I wish you to remember sometimes history of these wheels .