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Why you are not always answered from Eastern Siberia?

Agree, the Internet - it is convenient. Not only that we easily and without having an allergy to book dust, we learn the answer to any question not only that we can work and help to create another - we can communicate. Relatives, friends and acquaintances - now all of us, from every spot on the globe, have no justifications on the eve of holidays, we cannot, having looked down a nose and eyes, to report about what the young lady did not connect, and the carrier pigeon got sick with flu.

E-mail allows to give urgent information, to spread on a tree thoughts and to admit confusedly the most secret feelings and desires, without being afraid that the maniac - the mail carrier on a gleam will read our letters. It is healthy. Here it is only very offensive when we write letters, and we are not answered. And it seems is not present notorious Returned to sender which I still sing, but I do not read, and it seems the correct address, but - silence. What is the matter?

Those whose respondents live in Eastern Siberia and Cis-Baikal, noticed long ago that they most often are left without answer of the letter, sent in winter months and in the early spring. It is over, it is not a problem in scales of such big country as Russia, but nevertheless - inconvenience. However, to this inconvenience there is quite logical explanation.

The matter is that some sites known even to the Australian inhabitant of the Trans-Siberian Railway (The Trans-Siberian railway line) pass through the dense woods, a taiga, the coast of Baikal. And of course, here the taiga laws of the hostel - the railroad should live together with all area of the Siberian taiga - from railroad workers to bears - rods. And if, nevertheless, there is not a lot of last, then other representatives of fauna do not sleep in the winter. They miss, yawn on the low sun, and sometimes are very seriously puzzled with searches of food.

A striking example of wakefulness of the Siberian taiga - a Manchurian deer (Cervus elaphus xanthopygus). This giant called still by the Siberian deer is one of three largest representatives of red deer in the company with the North American wapiti and a maral. The handsome - a Manchurian deer height in shoulders to one and a half meters and up to two and a half meters long, with branchy horns and a noble look takes this view of a winter taiga, and it is boring for it, besides, places where in floodplains of the rivers there is a lot of a winter horsetail, already became familiar, and even such favourite food rather cloyed.

And here then the Manchurian deer goes to railroad tracks. Here it is always waited by a favourite delicacy. It is possible even to tell, a delicacy desired because the one-hoofed giant can almost not get it. It is difficult to explain why the Manchurian deer is so attracted by an optical fiber why not usual electrocables or, eventually, cross ties. The horned handsome costs, highly raising the head, and with melancholy sniffs frosty air towards an optical fiber. The clever Manchurian deer knows that he only who can help him to get a desired dish is biped in brightly - an orange vest, and therefore Manchurian deer leave the small company in two - three individuals (so that it was not terrible, but also the person not to frighten) and sadly stand near boxes and technical cars of the high voltage line - ovets and railroad workers, avoiding, however, substations and stops of electric trains.

It is difficult to look on standing in a frost, without the movement, the sighing Manchurian deer. And workers of the high voltage line and railroad do not maintain - they inhabitants of a taiga, Siberians with big, kind hearts too. Having waited for an opportunity, they cut off a piece of an optical fiber from lines and feed directly from tarpaulin mittens of Manchurian deer, pat them on a dark mane and keep saying: And so you are what, Siberian deer! .

And at this time somewhere in Brussels or Voronezh there is no communication with the friend - the Siberian. However now it is not an occasion to be upset - for those who read this explanation. It is just necessary to wait when there takes place recovery work, and again to contact the friend, the beloved, the relative. So - write to Eastern Siberia, and know that there wait for your letters. But, every time sending the letter, just in case good-natured wish to a Manchurian deer bon appetit. Especially on the first of April!

The author thanks for consultation and technical support of TV - " studio; Coast (Baikalsk, Slyudyansky district, East - Siberian Federal District).