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How to turn the calculator into a PDA?

the Present dictating mobility demand from us to be constantly in touch - for this purpose invented the mobile phone, to constantly have access to information - for this purpose constructed laptops, pocket computers and smartphones. Whether and to each of us this most pocket computer or the laptop is available? Perhaps, no. For this reason several inventors from Rostov-on-Don offered a perfect way to reduce costs of acquisition of so expensive equipment. Everything is banal just, however, I warn at once: to perform all necessary operations, it is necessary to have at least idea both of the equipment, and of the computer device. So, that is offered? It is offered to make the pocket computer of the ordinary calculator.

It is known that any calculator is an elementary computer, in other words - the computer with the minimum set of functions, however, who told that it cannot be turned into something bigger?

What is the calculator and than it is similar to the computer?

1. There is a screen.

2. Is the

3 keys. There is a memory

4. There is a battery (if it is solar batteries, then your new pass - the computer will work only at bright light of the sun as consumption of energy with increase in the carried-out functions will become more)

I it not everyone! We did not concern interiors yet.

The operations procedure is following:

1. You take the calculator (but! Believe, from the ordinary calculator bought for three rubles on a market of nothing it will turn out, take more or less average, but the branded calculator). You remove a back cover (as a rule, by means of the small screw-driver it is possible to turn off 2 or 4 small screws).

2. Pay attention to 2 wires suitable to the main operational unit (it it is visible at once and it has only two exits). You take habitual to Bluetooth - the transmitter with USB an entrance, two conducting and respectively you connect plus and minus of the transmitter to wires of the main unit. By the way, be not afraid to mix wires, it will not lead to combustion of the device. If the connected device does not start working, try to rearrange wires until you get in necessary polarity .

3. Now you need the computer and the same device for data transmission (the mobile phone will approach too, but only in case in it there is GPRS). From any website where there is a free software, you need to download a distribution kit with fonts, any Light codec for reproduction of images and to find the Word distribution kit in the computer.

4. Now when all this is on the hard drive, it is necessary to carry out data transmission. On the calculator pass into the M+ mode (2 times to press for memory activation) and from the computer carry out data transmission. If data transmission is impossible, every time press the CE button, holding at this Shift on the computer keyboard.

5. Data pumped over, now it is necessary to start the new car - the former calculator. Now you will need phone with Bluetooth. Phone is necessary to overtake codes of keys - you receive the same principle, as on phone - it is possible to press and there will be a figure, and it is possible to press that letters appeared. By the way, and the apportion will be same, as on your phone now. For this purpose it is necessary to send from phone IMEI number through Bluetooth (number is written under the food battery on a sticker). The sent code will be highlighted on the calculator screen. It needs to be kept the MRC button then to execute reset of the former calculator (reset is carried out or by pulling of the battery, or by a nakryvaniye of batteries (solar).

6. After such reset begin to press the buttons of the calculator from 1 to 0 then again press MRC. The calculator will load data which it obtained and will be able to print figures and letters.

7. The last stage is control of a display resolution of your new portable computer. Set permission 25 times smaller that which is established on your monitor now. Attention! For 10 - the digit calculator it is possible to set permission 20 times smaller.

I congratulate you! Now everything works for you! Surprise the friends and acquaintances, but do not forget today, on the first of April to give them the reference to my article that they could do the same! Good luck.