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How to be treated by sounds?

our life is full of natural sounds. Besides we are not insured from household noise, moreover - we meet requirements of them: we roar with pans in kitchen, loudly we speak, we turn on the tape recorder, the TV, radio But people seldom think of what impact is exerted by music on their organism, on their health, on planet life.

Everything that surrounds us, is an energy in various forms. Energy, in turn, are the waves subject to the thinnest continuous fluctuations. Physicists proved that atoms actually - only vibrations. The structure of atoms is defined by proportions, similar to on what the principles of musical harmony and therefore they can be considered how peculiar music notes are based. Atoms make molecules, or musical chords of which, in turn, all objects consist.

Turns out that the world surrounding us and life around us is music.

The voice of each of us has the sound frequency, our thoughts are similar to the sound waves full of harmony and a dissonance. Often we do not realize that the sound can be not only creative, but also destructive. According to researches, pauses and melody, as well as other characteristics of a sound, influence a rhythm of heart and breath. Music is capable to change a metabolism, heart rate. The large role is played here by the frequency of sound vibrations, that is their quantity in a second.

Scientists experimentally proved that very loud sound perniciously influences our reason, and a sound of the frequency of 432 hertz most effectively awakens our feelings. Really, listening to a kamertonny sound of this frequency, you feel that the soul opens towards to the world. It is interesting that the simplest musical instruments of primitive tribes are ready for 432 hertz. It is obvious that the curative and transforming music force was known to our far ancestors, and they successfully used it.

The Indian philosophers through many centuries treated and supported health by means of the speech. The one who was trained in singing knows how physical exercises are important for vocal chords as they help to support with a good shape a throat, area of a breast and nervous system. Millions of people in India were influenced by miracle sound intensity ohm and six sounds to hraa hriy hruum hraym hraum and hraa .

Loud and accurate repetition of these seven sounds exerts beneficial influence on vitals of the person. Ohm it is said with long about and long m as in the English word home . In a sound combination to hraa all sounds long - hraaammm as in English calm . Sound x it is said with aspiration, directly from heart . Hraam carries out vibration massage of heart, purifies blood.

Everyone mantra begins with said with aspiration x also comes to an end nasal m . Normal breath has to be carried out through a nose. The oxygen arriving with each breath mixes up with a blue blood, does it pure, and with an exhalation carbon dioxide is removed. As breath is carried out through a nose and a nasopharynx, these bodies become stronger.

In everyone to a mantra is ringing r which on importance can be compared to a sound ohm . At a pronunciation r the tip of language concerns the top sky and exerts the vibrating impact on a brain. Therefore the correct pronunciation of curative sound combinations is directly connected with the general state of health.

Long and in to hraa strengthens edges, clears an intestinal path and the top part of lungs, stimulating their activity. Helps to get rid of asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis. Long and in hriy as in English seen stimulates functions of a throat, a nose and heart. Repetition hriy clears airways and a digestive tract.

Long at in hruum as in English room helps a spleen, a liver, a stomach, intestines, gathers in a stomach. Hraym ouch - as in English time positively influences kidneys. Mantra hraum as in English round influences normal functioning of a rectum and back pass. Hraa is responsible for a breast and a throat.

Burdened with cares and the settled representations, we are not able to understand that our planet makes sounds too, but the environment polluted by us prevents to hear and estimate them. To escape from captivity of stereotypes, to realize a worthiness and beauty of the voice sometimes hardly, but life became more joyful, it is worth trying to make it!

Each of us can find the most suitable sound frequency for the voice. Many people who by means of meditation, special exercises and a certain emotional practice are adjusted on the main note are known and thus try to open the heart, to awaken the soul. And they find the desirable. Listen: constantly remind us that each of us has the song, and give strength to sing it