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Why the USA hides cases of childbirth at men?

Physicians sound alarm - population of the developed countries continues to fall. Still slightly - slightly and on change intellectual to elite people who do not trouble themselves thirst of knowledge will come. But at them it is very developed syndrome of a rabbit - when any moving object can become object of sexual attack. Here only all trouble is that during the period attenuations reproductive functions at the person (and we approached it almost closely), number of the women capable to give birth that is to reproduce similar, decreases in a geometrical progression.

Especially scandalous situation at us, in Russia. The other day the director of Department of the population at the UN - Haniya Slotnik declared that the population of Russia will be reduced almost by 35 million by 2050 and will make about 108 million people. And it is the menacing tendency destiny not only Russia - the number of inhabitants will steadily decrease in Germany, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea and in the majority of the countries of the former Soviet Union.

You paid attention that in this list there is no USA? Really over the ocean the demographic situation is so safe what about it prefer to be silent?

Not everything is so simple!

Of course, for the time being the gain of the population of the USA will be provided due to immigration from the countries of Latin America, Africa, the Southern Asia. But whether it is possible to consider it as a way out? No, the American scientists consider, there come to the country generally representatives of the poorest segments of the population which not before development scientifically - technical progress - to survive!

And Americans are silent only because at their some medical institutes a number of successful experiments on shift " is carried already out; center of gravity in reproduction of posterity from women to men. In a word, in the USA already at least five years men learned to give birth!

If someone doubts, I can send sceptics on the website of clinic RYT Hospital - Dwayne Medical on which in the middle of 2002 information that the American artist Li Minvey (Lee Mingwei) began to bear the child appeared. Fruit it was replaced to it directly in an abdominal cavity together with a placenta. For the beginning of 2003 was even operation on Cesarean section for extraction live full-term a fruit is appointed. How pregnancy develops, anyone could learn, having addressed diaries of Mr. Minvey and considering the exposed photos. However not for long music played - the American scientists decided to code experiment, and obstetric diary it was closed. Allegedly for prevention.

It is clear, that the human germ passes pre-natal development within 280 days, or a little more than 9 calendar months. The other day to the child born by the man 4 years will be executed! But about it so far mum`s the word! What there Nobel Prize!

- Why to us to show cards? - one of researchers of clinic who wished to remain the unknown declared the other day. - The U.S. Government allocates money for experiment regularly, and considerable. And to us - that what difference: learns about it the whole world or not! The main thing - we have an opportunity to earn decently whether and the rest is so important?

- A case in clinic of RYT Hospital - Dwayne Medical hardly has single character, - consider the English reproduktolog, - we share desire of colleagues to avoid a sensation around this unusual experiment. As soon as chambers of clinic it is filled with huge group of members of the media and this news will be splashed out on screens of TVs and a cover of magazines, it will be possible to forget about purity of experiments! The number of persons interested will give birth among men is rather great because the myth that the first given rise father will receive $1 million from the Nobel committee is still hardy.

Meanwhile, British reproduktolog sir Robert Winston at the end of 90 - x years of the XX century for the first time openly declared that already in the following, i.e. this 21st century, men will learn to give birth!

But Winston right there got under a barrage of criticism of the Roman Catholic church and further decided to keep mum! And relay was accepted by his compatriot Kallum Makkelar - professor of biochemistry of University of Edinburgh and the expert in the field of bioethics. He emphasized that the microtechnologies which today are used at reproductive cloning already in the most near future will allow to make essentially possible the birth of the child, almost not having genetic material of mother - women. Both half of a genome of such human being will be provided only by men!

First of all those homosexual couples which do not accept such form as adoption of the child were delighted. Now they can safely give birth!

To it I found indirect confirmation in the message that the government of Great Britain plans to invest about 600 thousand pounds sterling in a new educational program within which the British kids learn what represents homosexuality, in four years! So, children will read the fairy tale in which the prince rejects three princesses for the sake of love to the brother of one of them, and is combined with the loved marriage. Other stories will be told to kids of two penguins in love and the girl who has two mothers.

That it, if not preparation of public opinion that to men to give birth at all not a sin!

Very tolerantly treat this problem and in Scandinavia. So the Swedish professor Mat Branstr considers man`s pregnancy as a thing quite possible too. For example, after transplantation of a uterus.

Meanwhile, the option is not excluded that the first child from the man was born in Japan! But representatives of the Land of the rising sun, as well as all Asians, with east cunning, hide these data. In passing declaring other achievements. So, recently all information channels did not ignore the message that using a human cage, physicians from the Tokyo university could grow up a cornea and other components of an eye!

But on the other hand, in the same days there passed information and that the Japanese scientists are seriously anxious that the birth rate coefficient in the country reached record-breaking low indicator - 1,26 children on the woman. It occurs from - for lack of any interest in sex from many Japanese. According to the last poll of association of planning of a family, 39,7% of Japanese aged from 16 till 49 years had no sex within more than a month. This indicator is 5% higher, than two years ago.

And how to be to us, Slavs?! At us too interest in intimate communication considerably falls, there is enough to wander on the " websites; Ask the doctor! . Only one hope that women in the Russian settlements not only the horse will be stopped at full tilt and will enter the burning log hut, but also will not shift such responsible act as the child`s birth to our brittle male shoulders!