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What is nasvay and what it is dangerous by?

School days wonderful - it is sung in one song, and this is true, but against all good there is also a negative. In school days everything happens for the first time. Even it is possible to tell that all begins with school. Both first love, and first appointments, and also first cigarette, or perhaps and first experience in the use of drugs. Many tried to smoke there, and then could not throw, and many already passed this line and went even more deeply. Tried narcotic substance under the name nasvay . You, probably, ask, what is it? It is slabodeystvuyushchy drug which is very widespread in schools now.

Many parents do not even know what is it and as it looks. Also, probably, they did not know how it is applied. I had to face children who are engaged in it. Their stories threw me in shock. And that though somehow to affect this evil, I decided to write about it.

I will begin with what nasvay can buy everyone. These are not cigarettes and not alcohol which can be caught only after 18 years. Nasvay sell as chewing gums - practically in each market. Having talked to many teenagers from different schools, I found out that they buy nasvay only to leave off smoking and it costs cheaper, than cigarettes. But any of them did not tell me that he could throw a cigarette, and then and drug. Sooner or later it came back to one of these habits.

We will ask the following question. Why it is difficult to learn a nasvayshchik at school or in crowd? But because it is not necessary to prick or swallow of this drug as a tablet, it is enough to be put for a lip or under language and to wait for the necessary effect. And what effect? - you ask. It is absolutely short. In total minutes five or seven small relaxations and turbidity in eyes. But these five minutes can lead to the fact that the child will have both a nausea, and a headache, and blisters on lips, and diarrhea. But it is not all list.

How to resist to this problem? For this purpose I asked teachers of the school a question: What measures are undertaken against nasvayshchik? . Everything that I could receive in reply, so it only the fact that at school actions against drug addiction among teenagers are carried out, and quite often is hung up by pieces of paper about harm nasvy. Then to me allowed to look at this paper. It was less, than a writing-book sheet. So, going along a school corridor, it is difficult to pay attention to it. In the same place I saw also structure nasvy. Now the main component are simple makhorka or tobacco, and earlier it was a tabakopodobny plant - us . From here and the name - nasvay. Add also extinguished lime, ashes of various plants, mix from a camel kizyak or a chicken dung, sometimes oil. Some it would even become bad from the structure of this potion, and others - teenagers - this poison take in a mouth. Ask any gardener - why he parts a chicken dung with water before watering plants. But because differently plants will burn down . Here also present what in a mouth becomes.

Here consequences of the long-term use:

the Central Asian oncologists (namely there this problem rises at the state level) found out that 80% of patients with cancer of a lip, language, throats use nasvay.

As nasvy is a part a dung of animals, not for long to pick up from them some infection.

Develops nicotine addiction and at those who did not try cigarettes yet not that passes at smokers. Moreover there is also a dependence from the most nasvy as psychotropic substance.

Teeth collapse, it is told not by doctors, and using.

nasvy teenagers conducts the Use to delays in mental development, to memory impairment, steadiness loss.

What to do? It was my last question. But on it I did not receive the concrete answer. Now, in my opinion, not enough attention is paid to this problem. And to find nasvayshchik very difficult. They hide on toilets and various corners. But, I remember, at the beginning of this year wanted to enter at schools of system of video surveillance. This would be quite good, and it is much easier to catch a nasvayshchik. I think if his parents learned, then he simply would already be afraid to be engaged in it, and, thereby, would not return to vicious attachment any more. Perhaps then the problem though in some measure was solved!