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What to do that the computer did less harm?

to Dare buy the second-hand computer now almost everyone can. Here also it turns out that the youth even more often gets home computers which work day and night as it is necessary and to run to the Internet, and to learn by means of the training programs and just to play.

And the computer - the tool unsafe. He creates around himself the harmful electromagnetic field from which do not rescue any cactuses as many for some reason trust in it.

Physicists say that we swim in the ocean of electromagnetic waves. Recently this ocean became is superfluous rough. Are afraid, as if not to sink.

Radiates everything: TVs, mobile phones, microwaves, videorecorders, computers. Even the power supply network, and that radiates with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Somehow the indicator reacting to household radiations fell of me into hands. Results of measurements surprised me. Yes, the liquid crystal monitor of the computer did not radiate, But usual - is quite strong, despite assurances of firm - the manufacturer that the screen is safe. A little the keyboard and, much stronger, an optical mouse radiated. Considerably even at distance of several meters radiated the TV.

Especially harmfully the TV and the monitor of the computer influence children. Scientists established that if the child sits about them more than 50 minutes, at him by one and a half times ability to remember new information decreases. Of course, not only radiation is guilty of it, but nevertheless, nevertheless will not get to with

In a century of technical progress from computers anywhere, but parents have to know that the child at the age of 7 - 9 years should not spend in front of the screen more than 1 hour, and teenagers up to 15 years - more than 1,5 - 2 hours. And adults should remember advantage 15 - minute breaks each hour of work.

Health regulations and norms SanPiN 2. 2. 2. 542 - 96 Hygienic requirements to video display terminals, personal electronically - to computers and the organization of work it is offered that the five-year-old preschool child can be at the computer monitor no more than 7 minutes, and to the eleventh-grader - 30 min. on the first hour of work and 20 on the second.

Screens of monitors are charged with static electricity thanks to what from the room the easy negative aero ions which are positively influencing our health practically disappear but appear positive much, influencing health is negative. Such here pun.

The charge of the screen influences an ionic microclimate of the room still within a day after switching off. What to tell about dormitories where computers do not switch off for months? Over time it is reflected in health of inhabitants, exciting nervous system, interrupting a sleep. And if you are forced to live in one room together with the computer, try to put it far away from a bed.

Remember that increase in a distance twice quarters intensity of radiation.

Than it is really possible to reduce injuriousness of radiation? Excellent protection against action of positively charged aero ions are air ionizers. In recent years tens of designs of these remarkable devices, from compact, by size about the mobile phone, to powerful stationary ionizers, of the size of the TV are developed.

Ionizers of air not only neutralize harmful consequences of radiations, but also create ecologically favorable air environment, promote purification of air of dust and microbes.