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What is JAVA? I Will begin

with definition. JAVA is actually the same, as usual Java which is established at you on the computer, but only cut down to a minimum. From the very beginning this platform was not intended for creation of games, but then everything changed. JAVA gained huge distribution in the mobile world. Therefore now this platform is practically a standard. Any modern phone does not do without this function.

The history JAVA is not strongly big. In 1999 - m year of Sub Micro - systems presented to the whole world of J2ME - it is reduction from Java 2 Micro Edition. This technology not new, it became the successor of J2SE who is used for creation of big appendices. Cleaned which - that unnecessary, added different lotion, it helps to load in your different mobile phone applications, from books before games and programs.

If you thought supposedly at me is in JAVA phone, and she will be able to read any appendices written for this virtual computer, then... Not everything is so simple.

Possibilities of phones different, here and the program works there differently. There can also be also a problem in combination of the software. Therefore in a case with games it is possible to observe how the same game is adapted for different platforms. Many mobile firms are engaged in the fact that they try to increase compatibility of the software. If at them everything turns out, then shortly it is possible to wait for even more extensive distribution of J2ME.

However JAVA is not lonely in the class. There are a lot more programs - competitors, but they are not so popular.

As well as everywhere, in the mobile world of the software there is no monopoly and therefore there are competitors. For example, in our case it is the Mophun platform developed by one of the companies. This platform is intended especially for games. You, most likely, already met these toys, for example, such as Goose races or Ostrich`s races . This platform several times quicker, than JAVA, but on universality considerably concedes therefore it is not so popular among users.

I can call the second competitor ExEn (Execution Engine). This technology is calculated on games too. But also here our expensive and compact JAVA holds for itself superiority.

Where to find all favourite JAVA? The answer is very simple. Now in our country the mobile world, new technologies dominates. If who did not see yet, then practically on all channels it is possible to contemplate advertizing about games which can be downloaded then. So, any mortal can order on the mobile Internet to himself any J2ME - the appendix. And if you did not see it yet, so only one conclusion arises: you do not watch TV or you just do not have it. If so it happened that there is no TV, then in the usual Internet there will be a huge number programmulek for your phone. Well, and if also with Internet connection you have no computer, then go straight to the Internet cafe, and you precisely " there; you will stuff in the mobilnichek of stuff.

And if you have already, which - what skills in programming, then you can create own J2ME - the appendix. Buy date - a cable and connect it to the computer. Then load through certain programs. And if shnurant, then create WAP - the website on the Internet and load the applications via phone. By the way, on such website you can to hang out not only programs and games, but also melodies with pictures. Experiment, and at you everything will turn out.

I want to please you. However, only those who will do J2ME - applications for themselves. On application programming at you week will leave no more, than. And if the applet possesses a minimum of functions, then and two days and that before comparison with developments of computer appendices, then JAVA here considerably wins.