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What is eaten by the person of 21 centuries.

That is eaten by the person of 21 centuries.

Normal health is among eternal problems of mankind. Before infections, a hard work, wars were the main reasons for its violation. Now were added to them modern nervously - emotional loadings and the related long stresses, influence of ecological factors (water, air) and products which we consume.

Growth of the population and a number of other problems socially - the ethical and economic plan stimulated processes of an intensification of production of mass food in the world.

A increase in quantity of the made food, especially on new technology, led to the fact that the food for broad masses lost those major qualities which are possessed by the natural products and plants which grew in the conditions excluding application of intensive technologies.

Use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, growth substances, antibiotics in animal husbandry and poultry farming, technological processing, including cleaning, and lengthening of periods of storage of a product, led to loss of valuable and necessary substances for health.

on What feeds the person? For the last century there were changes which radically influence our food.

In - the first, sharply decreased energy consumption ~ from 3000 - 3500 kcal / in days to 2200 - 2500 kcal / in days. From here obesity with consequences (diabetes, a hypertension, heart attacks, tumors) of

In - the second, unbalanced food (consumption of saturated fats and carbohydrates, especially refined sugar worsening a metabolism and is not enough vitamins, minerals and nonsaturated fats an omega - 3, contained in cod-liver oil and linseed oil)

Statistically, consumption of saturated fats in the last 100 years increased for 30% (an omega - 6), and consumption of an omega - 3 was reduced. Consumption of sugar in 100 years increased from 1,5 - 2 kg up to 50 - 55 kg a year, and in Germany to 70 kg, i.e. almost by 30 times! And it not only the excess weight, but also load of a pancreas that conducts to diabetes.

In the developed countries of squirrels is consumed in enough, but at the same time there is more than 70% of animal protein that conducts to atherosclerosis.

Consumption of meat also sufficient, but this meat of the pets who are grown up on sterns with use of hormones, antibiotics and other artificial substances. They collect in an organism of animals and then come to our organism.

from beef meat of vitamin completely disappeared Now, and in chicken meat decreased by 70%. Iron decreased by 28%.

Thus, the modern food sufficient on proteins, fats, carbohydrates, on a set of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and biologically active connections) does not meet standards at all.

In completion of their shortcoming usually use fruits, berries, root crops of cultural and wild-growing plants.

However in the majority of the developed countries is observed restriction of consumption of vegetable food. At the same time the population of Japan consumes about 1000 wild-growing plants - from here longevity.

Changed also qualitative structure of vegetable food. The agriculture intensification, technogenic pollution led to the fact that useful minerals disappeared or decreased in the soil and do not get to plants. Many berries, fruits and vegetables collect unripe and they ripen on the way to places of storage and consumption. Therefore in them the content of vitamins and biologically active agents (flavonoids and dr), extremely important for an organism is significantly reduced.

So, with 1963po contents vitaminas decreased 1992 in oranges, apples, bananas ~ by 66%, in greens - for 42%, in carrots, corn, potatoes for 25%. Content of iron in fruit decreased by 57%, magnesium for 35%. Content of calcium in cabbage of broccoli decreased by 50%, and in sheet - for 85%. As a result deficiency of calcium in a daily diet of the population of the developed countries makes 10 - 30% of the recommended norm, and this disease of bone system and emergence of osteoporosis in women at very active age.

Adverse changes occur at teenagers that is promoted by also growing consumption of the sweet carbonated drinks breaking a normal ratio in an organism of calcium and phosphorus.

not without justification call the Refined sugar white death . All useful contains only in the yellow crude sugar. In white one calories. Same

belongs also to bread. In white loaf in comparison with bread from whole wheat on 70%menshe celluloses, on 72%menshe magnesium, on 50%kaliya, on 70%tsinka, on 55%medi, on 84%margantsa. These are data of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USA 1997.

Now about the refined oils from which for lengthening of periods of storage, the most valuable substances are removed. And here to store vegetable oils in a transparent light container it has to be strictly forbidden since on light, even electric, in oil the peroxides capable to provoke warmly - vascular diseases collect. It fully belongs also to long heating of vegetable oils that occurs at preparation of hot fans, chips, etc.

Allows heating only olive oil.

Considerable losses of micronutrients are observed at storage of products, even at a freezing.

Becomes more and more obvious that such situation cannot be considered as normal. It is necessary to grow up raw materials and products without application of any chemistry, with use by production of food of natural means and technologies, and today - - to use dietary supplements to liquidate deficiency.

About it later. To be continued.

On materials of articles and reports of x. N, professors Sankt - the St. Petersburg Academy of I. I. Mechnikov Dadali V. A.

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