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How to keep freshness of flowers?

Spring - pleasure time all paints and aromas of flowers. But the bouquet is not enough to buy or to receive it as an attention sign. How to prolong life to such beauty? For this purpose it is necessary to learn to take care of cut flowers correctly. If they begin to fade or lower heads, it is necessary to give them ambulance.

Very first - it is necessary to remove all lower leaves , and at roses and thorns. What for? Because leaves demand too much moisture, and its shortcoming right there will affect a flower, besides, leaves rot quicker, than stalks, turning water in a vase into similarity of marsh swill with an unpleasant smell.

When flowers cut off, channels on which food comes to a stalk are corked with vials of air. That the flower could freely to drink the end of a stalk (3 - 5 cm) cut off water, obliquely a knife . The stalk is thicker, the cut is longer.

There is an ambiguous opinion that branches of a lilac and a jasmine should be cleared of bark, to split a knife or to razmochalit having knocked on them with the hammer. But many flower growers assure that it is of no use, thus the capillary courses are broken.

Some flowers demand special preparation. For example, will not live a bouquet of poppies up to evening if just to put it in water. At first tips of stalks for 2 - 3 seconds lower in boiled water that the lacteal juice which is in them turned. It is scratched out and only after that poppies put in a vase in cold water.

How to rescue even faded roses? them can be reanimated, having lowered tips of stalks in hot water or having charred them on fire. That lilies stood longer and were not soiled by dark pollen, surely cut off black heads of stamens. And that the head from their smell did not hurt, before going to bed send the bouquet to a balcony - the night cool is useful to all flowers.

There is a set of national recipes what to add to water that in it bacteria did not develop and it did not blossom. The most widespread additive - sugar. K to sweet teeth roses, carnations, tulips, a lilac and a freesia belong. And here for camomiles and cyclamens sugar - white death .

Acidic environment suits the majority of plants therefore aspirin and lemon acid will be put to use too. Any antibiotic or vodka will become the real murderer for bacteria.

it is Very important to combine correctly plants in a bouquet. The aroma at a flower is stronger, the more it allocates phytoncides, the worse for his neighbors. For example, is dark - red roses accelerate withering of all flowers, and even tea roses! The rose and a carnation in one vase is a wrestle for life or death, and both will die. Lilies and narcissuses want that we admired them, and do not take out rivalry with other flowers. The lilac, tulips and forget-me-nots niknut in the company with lilies of the valley . However, poppies too quickly enough deal shortly with neighbors. Best of all there are gerberas. In the company with lilies of the valley any flowers niknut, as well as with rododendronovy - they are poisonous.

The chemical preparations which are on sale in flower shops help to win against natural antagonism. And still there is a plant which can be considered as balm for the others. Having added one branch of a thuja to a bouquet of everything, you keep its freshness not less than for 3 - 5 days! Rejoice to the flowers!