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How correctly it is necessary to vote on elections?

do not give itself to deceive! It is well told. Here only as it in practice to carry out when from screens of TVs and newspaper pages daily, hourly you receive, figuratively speaking only one verbal slops? Any objective information. In general it is not necessary to speak about any ethical standards, they, strangely enough, are absent absolutely.

Candidates do not mince words, verbally watering each other completely. Dirty technologies are used: bald lie, slander, insults, manhandling. Real lawlessness. What to do to the ordinary voter? How to understand in the circumstances and it is correct to make the choice? To which of candidates to give preference, the vote that all hopes pinned on improvement, first of all, zhilishchno - living conditions came true? Questions, questions. Who will give on them the answer?

In the city elect the mayor The television, mass media, one may say, split citizens into two camps of supporters. One TV channel openly supports one candidate for the power, another - another. In the people there is no consensus too. One say that the current mayor made a lot of things for the city for what the city is awarded deservedly the order therefore not a sin to choose once again. Others on the contrary, say about incompetence of the mayor that it is necessary to re-elect him, otherwise citizens have nothing to count on bright future that only the new person can correct all. From here mass of doubts. The head swells from thoughts. Eventually, as a natural consequence, emotions prevail over reason. Many voters vote emotionally, for purely personal reasons That is, in what degree they liked this or that candidate as the person what appearance at that, at the same time, as a rule, without paying at all attention to that as who stands behind the applicant for the power how and from specifically what such sources that is going to realize the program. For some reason nobody gives guarantees.

Elections - always a serious problem for Russia. The salary is not paid to teachers, physicians, miners till several months, and the million sums of money are allocated for the same elections of the mayor. One round (as always!) does not manage, the second round is necessary. It means, additional financial expenses. Means, still state employees have nothing to count some period on the earned money, the state just does not have them. And, frankly speaking, hardly ever will appear in general.

Who only does not yearn for power! People with secondary education, pensioners, crime The feeding trough of the power is really sweet, all want to try. And I pound a little. The people as lived in poverty, so continue to live further. Therefore the percent of absence of voters is often so high. Nobody trusts anybody. Were tired to trust. Were tired with hope to watch in tomorrow

Personally on me, in mayors and deputies there have to be only professionals, that is politicians, business executives and lawyers. Doctors, for example, have nothing to be engaged in games of politics, they have to treat patients if swore the Hippocratic Oath. It is time to forget absolutely the Lenin thesis that also the cook, time of totalitarianism, the perverted form of socialism and communistic dictatorship is capable to operate the state, there is a wish to hope, forever will remain in the past. Russia has to have really democratic future. With professionals, without sneer company .

It would seem what relation elections of the mayor in one city have to development of other cities? If it is the capital or the regional center - the most direct, direct. Because the ordinary cities in the development, anyway, equal on the capital and the regional center. There will be a good, professional mayor here - the capital, the regional center will begin to prosper, behind them and all cities of the region. In this life everything is interconnected. The cities - the unity, integrity of the region, country, a rupture of any link of a chain industrially - economic and socially - cultural relationship will surely lead to destabilization of situation in general. Only business approach, competent urban governance and devotion I guarantee successful implementation conceived for the good of others. One promises mean nothing, - mere, beautiful words. They are not necessary to the people, it wants concrete affairs which not in fast, and changed in the near future its gloomy situation radically. There is a lot of problems, and all of them demand quickly - the constructive decision.

So, it is necessary to vote reason, but not heart and emotions!

It is not necessary to give in to emotions. Only the reliable adviser - reason. Never it is necessary to hurry with conclusions. Better once attentively, thoroughly to study programs of all candidates, by means of political scientists and analysts to understand controversial issues and to make a right choice, than then on whole four years to become dependent the nonprofessional - the mayor. Not to vote in general - too there is no reason, it is more than chances to be left with nothing. From here one conclusion arises: everything depends on voters. Therefore they with all responsibility have to treat vote on elections.