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How to draw attention at a public statement so that remembered?

In life of each person happen situations when it is necessary to act publicly. So: You should inform audience of something very important and for it, audience, necessary. Sometimes even very necessary. And do not want to listen to you. You see only the missing physiognomies, mood Well, well, we will look and stupid questions or not on a subject, or such, to which you knew the answer in the first class, etc. If you were not in such situation - you were very strongly lucky.

Example from own life.

1993 - y year. Me, at that time the technical director of the firm selling computers, the administration obliged to hold a seminar on work with the computer equipment for bankers. The computer then was not household appliances yet, and in representation of people was difficult and expensive industrial equipment. A subject - How to use the computer in bank activity .

Well, tell who in your representation the banker? For me it is the representative man, let in a jacket and expensive eye-glasses but with the computer equipment it, at least, on you . Means, I solved, problems any will not be. Nakidal the plan of a theoretical and practical training, got approval from the management and - forward!

Having entered into audience, I understood that I will give lecture not to bankers, but bankers Elderly women made the vast majority. Having begun to give the lecture according to the plan I quickly understood that it is useless. Many of them as I found out then, saw the computer only on a table at the chief. Just nobody listened to me. Many whispered, finding out, who this boy . The matter is that and now when to me for forty, I look very young (that for impudent advertizing as it is not a shame!) . And then I was presented as computer genius how the opinion on me was created. And not in my advantage! Besides, at the first lecture was observing from bank which paid this seminar for the workers. All obviously missed and very clearly showed, that here they were tired out and they just honestly work time.

I became silent, postponed the abstract. After a while it drew attention. After a pause I said: Once upon a time there was once long ago the man. Called him Benjamin Franklin. It were times when on the hundred-dollar note there was no his portrait and hundred-dollar notes yet then was not yet, and there were only silver dollars. But banks already were. Only plundered them often. And here what this man thought up to increase safety of these cans, I`m sorry, of banks . I composed on the run. The attention was riveted on me finally and irrevocably. My God, as it was interesting to observe how these mumpish aunts gradually turned in cheerful and fervent schoolgirls ! At the end of lecture I asked to ask questions. Questions in essence was not The only question which to me was asked, - But whether you are married, Mikhail Vadimovich? .

On the following occupation I repeated experiment, but having already thoroughly prepared. At the beginning of lecture told an interesting story. Asked each of listeners to prepare a separate leaf and to write down the questions arising on the occupation course whatever silly they seemed. We came here to study. Also believe, now I study together with you. Nobody will laugh at you, and it is much more advantage of questions, than from all my talking shop . Really, and it turned out. I could not answer many questions intelligibly, and each new occupation (all them there were five) began with answers to questions to which I could not respond on last occupation.

So, since the second occupation, everything passed without knot and without hitch, problems were quickly solved, and with much mine schoolgirls I keep in contact still. Only do not think what bad - we in the country then had no sex yet of

Sum up the results.

As all - to draw attention at a public statement?

Main rules.

0. Learn structure of the audience. Your success in a public statement depends on it practically for 100%. If such information is known, this point can be passed.

1. Take care that you were presented to unfamiliar audience to your exit on " department;. People are more inclined to trust to authorities and to experts .

2. Surely begin lecture with a cheerful and interesting baize, it is better from the life.

3. Surely after this baize tell the phrase of type: At the end of lecture you will be able to ask any questions. Even the silliest. All of us study here therefore nobody will laugh at you .

4. State material language, available to audience. At the end - extremely squeezed theses on performance material for material fixing.

5. Repeat this phrase: You can ask any questions. Even the silliest. All of us study here therefore nobody will laugh at you at the end of lecture. It is better even to place in advance somebody who will ask the first, absolutely silly question.

6. Remember, there will always be people who or sincerely will not understand you, or will try to humiliate you! Answer everything, all questions what silly, humiliating and provocative they to you did not seem, with a sincere smile and it is benevolent. Then, as a rule, the public itself will straighten out this person.

7. Analyze already last performance. What mistakes assumed that the public apprehended With a bang! . Even if performance did not work well, it is only experience. If to consider it, it will turn out further better and better.

8. And - the Main thing. Praise yourself! Any public statement - huge, heavy and often ungrateful work. Even if you cope with it effortlessly Do not forget to praise yourself sincerely.

Good luck to you. It is useful always!

P. S. When article was already published in my blog, one more council which I could not but just publish - " came; Come off the text of performance More often and you look at audience . Many thanks to Anna Nimchuk.

I wait also for your comments and additions.