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What we love tea for?

of Already 5 millennia tea is known to the world. During this time it became one of the most popular drinks. In each country drink the favourite tea. India prefers black tea of a nilgira. In Japan - a match, the having tart nut taste. Mint tea is drunk in the deserts of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Favourite drink of inhabitants of South Africa - sweetish rotbush. In China traditional tea - fragrant jasmine.

For what we so love tea? Most likely, not only for the fact that they can satisfy thirst. Tea became for us more, than just drink. Many moments of our life are connected with it. At least once, but to you there was about what the speech will go below.

When hungry, cold and devilishly tired we run from work home, the first about what we think - of a cup of hot tea. And from one this thought it becomes so warm. And when houses we will unburden the heart, having drunk a cup - another a drink miracle, not only a body, but also our soul comes to life.

Tea - warms.

When there are problems, and we need to solve as soon as possible them, we understand that not to do without cup of tea. I Will go - a seagull I will drink, and that the head does not think at all! - many exclaim.

Tea - puts thoughts in order.

When wants to chat about that about this, we bring together friends behind a cup of the same tea. And you come - to me to " tea; - dawns on us, and we invite to ourselves on a visit.

Tea - disposes to conversation.

When next morning after well spent holiday in the head the copper bell hoots, and the head is broken off on pieces, we find healing in a cup of tea.

Tea - treats.

When in the car of the train we try to start conversation with the fellow traveler, we ask: Sorry, you do not know, here tea is carried?

Tea - pulls together.

When at work wants to take a break, we do not speak: Let`s have a rest and silently we get cups and a teapot. And at once it is clear to all that it is possible to be distracted for several minutes from works and to relax.

Tea - gives rise to a hint.

Ya I think, such situations can be continued and continued. Tea, really, - is more, than drink. Tart aroma of tea allows us to forget for a while the problems and adversities, to be released from wordly vanity. And rich taste satisfies inquiries of any gourmet. Perhaps, it does tea by the most popular drink on the earth.

Choose the grade, the recipe of this surprising drink and enjoy, enjoy! Pleasant tea drinking!