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Why to the kid rattle?

In the first year of life are formed all main structures of a children`s organism, and a role of various feelings thanks to which the baby perceives the world, is extremely strong. Thus, the baby very much needs impressions.

The very first toy of the kid - a rattle. When he is only capable to lie, without being able to handle not only objects, but also own body, careful members of household suspend the ringing garlands over a bed. (By the way, it is considered to be that optimum distance for this purpose - about 20 cm).

And months from three already and put a rattle in the handle that it was possible both to look and to swing. Usually advise parents to pay attention to durability, to choose figures of the different size, a form, color, and also not to forget them to change from time to time.

As for change of objects , it is quite clear, but for the most interested tutors we will quote most authoritative in this question of D. Elkonin:

the child puts a subject in all new and new provisions As soon as possibilities of novelty are settled, dies away approximately - research activity, and together with it and examining. The same takes place and in the repeated movements, whether it be pat in a subject or percussion by a rattle. Distinction that in these cases not only every time the new provision of a subject, but also, for example, sounding stronger is new, weaker sound are that new that induces the child to a deystvovaniye and supports rather long manipulation . we will notice

concerning a rattle form that the baby shows more attention to curved elements, than to rectilinear, to concentric figures and breaks (not to sharp!) . It is connected with the fact that his very first tactile feelings giving pleasure - a touch to a roundish maternal breast. It is good to include objects with the handle in a pogremushechny arsenal: they perfectly help with development of coordination and hvatatelny movements of the kid.

And still, which - that about visual and acoustical perception . By three months the child has a binocular sight, in four - he already not just sees, and looks, i.e. actively reacts to what was seen. And, this period is not incidentally called orange : soft orange tone cause positive emotions of the kid. It is proved experimentally, as well as the fact that babies are frightened high-pitch tones rather, and calm down at the low rhythmical sounds corresponding to their heartbeat and breath. You can consider it when you play with the child.

When my daughter stayed at infantile age , she had three favourite rattles, and all three - with handles. One - quite unpretentious cockerel on a stick, on the one hand - white, with another - quiet yellow color. Another - three it is white - red a ball, turning in the rings fixed by plastic spokes on faintly - the yellow handle. The third - pink and blue butterflies it is soft inside - a blue flower with convex transparent core, on the same blue handle.

I admit that to leave them at me there were not enough forces. But here that interestingly! Throughout the childhood and even adolescence we with the daughter got from time to time and considered things with which her life began: couple of elegant baby`s undershirts, tiny platyishka and those rattles. Surprising nostalgic interest in them was observed. One of rattles did not even stand him and broke...

And whether you know how rattles appeared? At all not for the sake of one entertainment. In the ancient world they expressed a cosmogonic symbol of krone of the World tree - the Heavenly world, had the character blessing the child, and also were used for a prizyvaniye to the baby of protective forces - spirits or angels and prevention dark.

In Russia they were done, for example, of clay, putting clay balls in two hollow halves and then connecting them. And still - from a tree, birch bark, a rod. And the form was different - from roundish to cylindrical and krestovy. They were filled with stones, peas, poppy heads. Also were called differently: sharkunok, grematushka, trinket. In this row a sharkunok (or sharkun) - special article. He repeated universe model, and represented very difficult design. Being amused with it, the child for the first time in life adjoined to a peace arrangement.

So a rattle - it is very important!