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How to prepare 10 original snack?

10 original snack? It is easy!


of 250 g of crabsticks, 5 boiled eggs, 2/3 cans of corn, 1 glass of boiled rice, 200 g of firm cheese, mayonnaise, greens.

Via the meat grinder to pass rice, corn, eggs, crabsticks. To add mayonnaise and to mix, weight has to turn out not liquid and not dry. To roll balls with a diameter of 3 cm. To grate cheese on a small grater, to roll in balls, to lay out on a dish and to decorate with greens.


3 of paprika, 3 eggs, 200 g of cheese, 5 - 6 garlic gloves, mayonnaise.

Pepper to wash up, dry up, cut off at it tops, to take out a core. To add garlic and mayonnaise to polished cheese. To enclose the hard-boiled and peeled egg in the middle of each pepper, and around cheese weight. It is necessary to fill pepper very densely. Then to put ready pepper for 3 hours in the refrigerator that weight stiffened. Giving, to knife pepper very sharp, moistened in cold water, on circles.


of 8 tomatoes, 100 g of green peas, 100 g of ham, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, greens.

At tomatoes cut off a top and do small deepening for forcemeat. Ham is cut in cubes, mixed with green peas and mayonnaise. Tomatoes fill with this mix with a hill. From above decorate with greens.


4 tomatoes, sour cream, garlic, salt, greens. Tomatoes cut

circles and lay in one layer on a dish. Grease each piece with the sauce made from pounded garlic, salt and sour cream, from above strew with the crushed greens.


Fresh champignons of 300 g, firm cheese of 100 g, sour cream of 250 g, greens, salt.

Champignons to wash, clean, accurately not to damage a hat, to take out legs. Legs small to chop up, add grated cheese, melkorubleny greens, to salt, to vent well. To fill with the received forcemeat hats, to put in a frying pan, to fill in with sour cream and to put in an oven for 20 - 30 minutes.


of 200 g of crabsticks; 180 g of any sausage cheese; 4 - 5 garlic gloves; 250 g of mayonnaise; sticks for a canape or usual wooden toothpicks. Cheese to rub

on a small grater, to add the garlic passed through a press and mayonnaise, it is good to mix everything. It is ACCURATE to untwist and smear each crabstick with a stuffing on all area. Then to twist back, to cut on 3 - 4 parts and to pin on a stick / toothpick. The dish is ready. It is also possible to decorate with circles of tomato, a cucumber or greens branches. Juicy, originally and beautifully looks on a holiday table.


of Olive or an olive without stones, firm cheese, tinned pineapples. to put on

toothpicks (wooden sticks, skewers) to 1 slippery jack or an olive, a piece (cube) of cheese, a cube of tinned pineapple. To lay out upright in a small cup, one skewer to another. Looks better if to put up an olive!


1 small loaf of the Borodino bread, 150 g of mayonnaise, 1 can of sprats, 2 eggs, 1 fresh cucumber. the Borodino bread to cut

on identical slices, to fry on vegetable oil. 4 segments to squeeze out garlic in a cup and to mix with mayonnaise and a little black and chili powder. To smear bread with this mix and to lay out from above 2 shprotinka from banks. To decorate from above with the cut circles of egg and a fresh cucumber.


of 1 bank of cod liver in oil, packing of wafer cake layers, mayonnaise of 250 g, 5 boiled eggs, cheese of any 300 g, 1 bulb.

Is spread on a flat dish:

a cake layer, cod liver (to knead a fork, to water slightly - slightly with oil from banks and to strew with the onions which are small cut, a cake layer, mayonnaise, to rub small egg, a cake layer, mayonnaise, small to rub cheese. To alternate so that the last was with cheese. To smear the top cake layer with mayonnaise, to rub cheese small that it turned out vozdushno, to make camomiles of boiled eggs and to decorate leaflets and circles from a fresh cucumber. To allow to become impregnated a little. to cut

On a table as cake.


3 eggs, 1/2 banks of fish canned food in oil, 1/2 apple, 1 piece of white loaf, 1 small bulb, vinegar, pepper, greens and salt to taste.

of Egg to hard-boil, cut lengthways on halves and to separate a yolk. In liquid from fish canned food to wet bread. Apple to clear and remove a core. To pass the prepared products via the meat grinder with onions and fish, to fill with salt, pepper, vinegar and it is good to vent. To fill with this weight protein halves, to decorate with greens.