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How to find ideal work? Notes from personal experience of

the Average person spends about 25% of the time a month behind work therefore it is so important to choose the place which will suit you not only on a salary, but also on other important aspects, it as comfortable working conditions, pleasant collective etc. How not to make the wrong choice? I will not retell common truths about which it is already much told not only on pages of our magazine, but also in other sources, and I will try to add this information with personal observations.

Of course, the most reliable way to find good work is to settle on acquaintance . Only in this case you should bear responsibility not only to yourself and the employer, but also to the one who recommended you. And not all have similar acquaintances. We will consider below several receptions which in combination with good luck will help to make a right choice.

1. When you found the vacancy which interested you, try to find out whether work in this firm in the following parameters suits you:

- the sphere of its activity

- the location

is offensive to spend so valuable time for interview in firm, the road to which will take in the long term you 2 - 3 hours, if the sphere of its activity does not interest you or is far from your competence. These data can be got from a global network, having visited the website of the company, or from telephone conversation with representatives of firm (HR department). It is better to find out all this before you send the summary there.

Also sometimes can find the curriculum vitae of the former staff of this firm where it should be noted in the Internet, the employee in this place for what salary he applies after leaving, its professional qualities, age what is the time worked.

2. your summary has to be the full. For saving of your time and the employer`s time, the second has to represent well as far as you potentially approach to the declared position. It will be better if you find room for the summary on one page. If the list of all your feats and achievements does not keep within the specified volume, it is necessary to try to reduce information on your minor duties, and as much as possible to expand information on your functions which experience of performance it is necessary for the vacancy chosen by you. In general, the summary it is worth correcting every time under concrete vacancy, but it is always necessary to specify only the truth.

3. Interview.

it is better for strong to come minutes for 10 till the fixed time To a meeting with the direct employer. In this case you will be asked to wait, most likely, and you will have an opportunity to observe people, their mood, appearance, their behavior, to make impression about the general atmosphere in collective. Much earlier you should not come as the staff of HR department has the schedule too, and your early arrival can be not in the subject .

4. About behavior on interview. needs to be understood Here that interview is not interrogation, but a business meeting of two potential partners. You have full authority to ask questions and to be interested in what to you can be offered in exchange for your professional services. Lack of questions at the candidate makes impression that to it it is not so important where exactly he will get a job, and, respectively, a conclusion about his motivation arises. It is better to prepare the list of questions in advance as well as answers to standard questions. It is better to ask about a salary in the last turn.

5. At discussion of a salary it is important to to hear concrete figure. Phrases of the « type; for a trial period from … to … and is farther following the results of a trial period - not the best answer. It is important that white part salaries it was as much as possible brought closer to that sum which you will receive on hands, and ideally it has to be completely white as « size; gray part gives the employer a free hand.

I hope, my supervision will help you by search places in the sun .