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How to arrive when to you look in the face and lie?

Psychologists say that the interlocutor lies if he, during conversation, takes eyes aside, touches () person or tries to hide hands. How to arrive in such situation? Here options are possible:

Option 1. Answer

with a direct look and internally smile, better a little ironically, let thinks that you know that he lies and let it torment him! The lie will surely prove, and the impudent fellow will be confused.

Option 2. by

Make big eyes and the voice full of irony, say: NNE MOZHZHET to be! Pretend that you trust, nod and assent, fondly clap eyelashes. To play the little fool sometimes happens very pleasantly. And the liar quite will accept your foolish look. usually silently I listen to

Ya and I smile. And so that the person does not understand that got to the core of him. From it I feel much better - in - the first, I know that I actually not silly, in - the second, have now an idea who is he is actually and as to me to behave with it. And he does not even guess it!

Option 3. Innocently take an interest in

: What for nonsense you to me bear? Ask a fork for the liar that to remove noodles from ears. Tell that noodles already gorged on, already feels sick, it is time to pass to healthier food! Or at once On an impudent, red muzzle! And why to suffer? It is necessary that to you lay? Do not humiliate yourself with lie and you ask that others did not offend you in this way.

Option 4.

of People, lain once, made a mistake, it can be corrected. The second time - regularity (it is not treated). Tell

to it that were always surprised sincerity of its lies, and take this fact into consideration. In compliance with this fact change opinion on the person and the attitude towards him.

Stop to communicate with it. Absolutely. Probably, he considers you as the full silly woman (fool), show it that it not so. Decide that this person is lost for you forever.

Option 5. Once in such situation I told

: Oh and sho all of you lie, I do not trust you, you have an impudent muzzle! (well or almost so ) - did not work... Told lies in reply! Let impudently, but the enemy it is necessary to beat by its methods (wedge wedge).

Learn from your interlocutor to lie, impudently looking in eyes, - the lie sometimes saves lives.

Option 6. Ask

a tricky question to drive the liar into the deadlock or wait for a contradiction in words and remember. Ooh, as works!

Option 7. (The farther, the I become more loyal)

Leave the person alone! Just like that nobody will not begin to lie. Be convinced that your perception does not deceive you (ask again or ask to specify).

If lies - the fact, you do not tell it about it not to offend, try to understand better why the person lies? Rescues himself or wants to deceive. Suggest it to think well over this question.

do not bring the relatives to lie in small questions, do not humiliate their with the fact that drove into a corner and forced to admit! Perhaps, at people need to lie on - large will disappear.

Option 8. to

Or perhaps he does not lie at all, and just says you what you want from it to hear?

Understand a simple thing - if you notice only bad in the person, it means that YOU notice bad in the person and see the reflection in it. Noticing that lie to you in eyes, work to find a mistake in you, it, certainly, is. The person who lies to you whom he sees? The bore suspecting him of something, the diffident partner. It is your problem if lie to you in eyes. Further a conclusion is simple - Who is lucky, on that and go .