Rus Articles Journal

How on - to the adult to joke on the first of April? Of

of the Shower it is full chords of a pipe,

A heart is sharply torn in height,

Today nevertheless The First of April!

Ah how it is better to deceive the wife?

When I to it to fool brains to a camp,

C it the terrestrial grace will fall down,

A as will see authenticity of deception,

Will begin me to kiss godlessly.

But only it is necessary to arrange everything thinly,

will not approach neither the devil, nor Barmalya.

the Wife is not similar to the child,

K to it are applicable jokes mature.

I drove much in creative process,

Flowers so smell, whatever you may say.

the Wife of a door long opened for me

I started back from a door at once.

In her eyes - not a creative flame:

- Yes what is with you? The dinner is not ready!

, From where you so early and with flowers?

You was waited by me later - without flowers.

- You take, loved, camomiles,

You I cannot love stronger.

Is a phenomenon by the name of Natashka

I I move down on the apartment to it.

It seduces me fully,

I at it - refinement of manners,

I everything hangs as it is necessary, in a wardrobe...

- You, darling, do not touch a wardrobe!

And at yourself leave the threats,

Slide to Natashka, do not take the trouble! But you it would buy

at least roses,

of the Camomile - those, alas, will not approach.

- They will present me the gentleman,

the Suit which is recently bought on credit, a wardrobe I will open

Ya and I will put on...

Oh, heaven! And who sits there?

And why it is abnormally naked?

I only the eyes calling burn.

- And it is my lover of a male

four months in a row!

- Billeting! I from Natashkaya thought up everything,

does not exist any apartments,

Favourite, forgive me for humour!

Ya probably went too far in it.

The man`s eyes somehow became kinder, He said

, scratching a breast:

- Today nevertheless - The First of April,

I the wife decided to deceive you.

It caught me between times, When the lock to the neigbour I rescued


Drove into a case, to a thread of the section

I asked to sit half an hour.

- I held it hardly - hardly,

Here, thank God, you came home.

Today nevertheless - The First of April,

I you cry with laughter, my dear!