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What to study with foreign students?

Already as year I am trained in one group with three Chinese students. And here last week while they taught me to eat with the Chinese sticks, I wanted to write this material.

As soon as you come to group and you see that you will study with foreigners, there is a wish to tell hurrah . Now at me a unique opportunity to learn culture of other nation, and it is valid, an opportunity is unique, but, as well as everywhere exists a little HO .

The first difficulty which you can face is a communication and understanding of each other. My Chinese friends badly knew Russian, and I did not know Chinese at all. Therefore when we communicated, I had to simplify very much the speech and words to pronounce very accurately. If to you vypadyot an opportunity to learn with the Frenchman, the Englishman or the German, then do not miss the chance. These are some kind of unique people. They are native speakers, so walking assistants in development of your colloquial foreign. Do not miss the chance. I during the communication learned to speak only hi and so far on - Chinese and also to write the name with hieroglyphs and is sticks.

The second difficulty, is study with foreign students. Teachers give an easy time to them, but there are such cases when to them all the same as the foreigner speaks and he understands language or not. Therefore if allowed to do you a task with the foreign student, then it is the best of all to prepare it, and then it is simple to sit down and tell the foreigner as to do it. After an explanation to ask it to make a similar task. So they both will acquire material, and will be able to communicate, and you receive the sea of pleasure.

The third, about what would be desirable to write, so it about out-of-class actions. Always take with yourself foreign citizens. They not only will be able to tell about the customs there, but also to show. To give various comparisons and to give some advice. Plus is huge chance not only to improve the knowledge, but also to learn how these or those foreigners have a good time.

Now it would be desirable to tell about funny things which should be avoided and to try to direct foreign students at once there where it is necessary. In the first weeks the Chinese students managed to fry herring. You do not represent what stood a stench. They were even frightened that all shout at them and look wild eyes. A week more them was criticized and said that herring is not fried, but when they repeated it, which - who with them just walked on shop and told what is possible and it is necessary to eat and that is not necessary. Though after that a lot more times said to them how is herring, but they did not buy it any more.

And so, from here also follows fourth . If you study with foreigners, then find a couple of hours of free time and tell them that in your country it is possible and that it is impossible where it is possible to go and where it is impossible. And that to fry herring - it is still normal, and here if they made something on the street, and they were taken away by militia, it would be already sad. Therefore tell them about the country as much as possible.

And finally, once again it would be desirable to mention that foreign students, is a highlight of student`s life. At us they are often called walking encyclopedia . Because from anybody you do not learn more information, than from residents of this or that country. Do not miss the chance and know that to study with foreign students it is unique!