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How it is correct to have a rest in the summer?

are A lot of councils, recommendations and plans It is a lot of decisions, confusion and thoughts. And what here to think? Is only a little scenarios carrying out the summer holiday.

Once, in the summer evening, I very much abused myself: Here, arrived to Sochi, and itself spent the whole day in number, driving cold tea, reading magazines and glancing in a TV set. No actively to move, be jerked, sunbathe . Next day I really wanted to visit the beach yes to buy tickets for excursion. And here I understood: it is impossible to give in at all somewhere to go on arrangements of friends and family if there is no wish at all; it is not necessary to follow to the seventh sweat to articles of magazines of type: As with advantage to have a rest or Summer - a way to success! . Summer holiday it will become valid rest only in one case: if you sensitively listen to yourself and follow the desires.

In - the first, release thoughts of work if they hold down your freedom and are not in the list of desires. In - the second, any self-checking! In - the third: reject all nonsense and do that really YOU want - here one of the main conditions of excellent holiday at which execution to you will not want to depart from rest on return.

So if you, all - decided to live according to the scenario, let`s try it to rewrite, according to your desires.

8. 00. Morning. The alarm clock calls.

your thoughts: Yes, I will get up now And on jog / on the beach / behind milk for a cat Stop ringing! It is not necessary to me for work Eh, holiday

Disconnect an alarm clock! And, since evening. Unless holiday is given to listen to its abstruse ring?! It is sure that within a year you still will manage to have heard plenty of its call signs so sleep, so far it is officially authorized! And the cat can have breakfast later

10. 00. Woke up? Good morning, it is time to rise!

your thoughts: So - with, I will fast be washed now, something I will have breakfast and it is necessary to run on the beach / on to will meet / walk with a doggie

Main enemy here: word fast . Where we hurry - that? And, here, still found: something I will have breakfast . No, unless so becomes? Of course, if you do not like to have breakfast, then and it is not necessary, but if you consider it obligatory, then treat a breakfast seriously and with humour! The first meal has to load with energy for all day! And it is possible to carry out a breakfast in a bed, to look at the same time at something interesting (how long animated cartoons looked?) or to esteem. Do not recommend? And what, at work often in a bed you have breakfast? Only a doggie, all - walk by

12. 00. Midday.

your thoughts: What there is written down? After 12 under the sun not to leave

be Also not put under the sun! Just leave yes be aired! Where to go? Well, let us assume, glance in shop: buy for lunch only what is really wanted by your organism! And at the same time ice cream or cold tea, as they say, between times And a cat of milk for the morning

P. S. Do not forget a hat!

14. 00. Lunch.

your thoughts: It is necessary to eat vitamins. Fruit, vegetables, berries .

Fruit? Vegetables? Berries And you PRECISELY want it? All right, still I will agree with strawberry with cream Do not limit yourself and do not forbid yourself to wish ! And later be engaged in meditation or just take a nap: it will help to be adjusted on the necessary harmony and not to overtire from rest!

16. 30. Do not allow itself to dry up!

your thoughts: Already rather late and lenovato Well where to move after a lunch? No, I do not want

Not - and, not - and! The summer is, all - the sea, the sun, sand. Be going to the beach, now just that safe time! And here I completely agree with any magazines! Only stock up with sunblock cream, mineral water and with those fruit (washed!) . And still - a ball and a couple of friends: here and charging!

19. 00. About a daily bread

your thoughts: Is it is impossible in the evening. I do not want, I do not want Become silent, a stomach!

is it is necessary in the Evening. If there is a wish. And the best if it is clear what there is a wish for! Do not refuse to the organism pleasure, it has a holiday too!

22. 00. TV; walks under the Moon with Mars or Venus; interesting book; club

your thoughts: It is impossible to watch TV before going to bed, harmfully to read in a bed, from long festivities of a leg hurt, and after club shadows under the eyes! Point. More precisely - an exclamation mark.

1 and 3 - make camomile also lay a bed. Include favourite series or open the interesting book and at way!

2 and 4 - At way where - nibud! Walk in the fresh air will provide inflow of forces, will fill with oxygen (I not about the city ) and will promote sound sleep. Club Not to you to tell me about clubs! It just sometimes is useful. For an internal and external discharge!

you Have fun with all the heart, you watch that you want and how many you want, make a promenade though till the morning: tomorrow nobody will wake you!

By the way, you did not forget to disconnect an alarm clock?

of good rest to your organism!

P. S. Variability of pastime takes place to be!