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What is TV - the tuner and what they are?

What to do if you have no place for the TV, and

wants to watch it? the Exit is! TV - the tuner will help you!

What is TV - the tuner? What TV - tuners happens and what to choose?

of TV - the tuner is the device representing the payment installed in the computer, or a prefix to it. It provides reception of television channels from the external or internal antenna, or from cable or satellite TV.

TV - tuners are divided into three look:

internal - are established in the computer, telecasts can be looked only at the switched-on computer. Demands installation of drivers and the software for its work. The average price of 1500 rubles

external - works with USB port as a prefix, is usually used for work with laptops. Demands installation of drivers and the software for its work. Works only at the switched-on computer except for the combined models about which I will tell below. The average price of 2500 rubles

hardware external - without USB, is connected in a gap between the video card and the monitor. Can work without computer. It needs only the monitor and columns. The average price of 3500 rubles

we will consider in more detail Now and we will understand, it is better for them to choose.

The cheapest and multipurpose are internal TV - tuners. They are established in the free slot of the PCI personal computer motherboard. Can accept TV - channels from the antenna, or from cable TV. Often have function of reception of FM radio. Can write down programs at the scheduled time or on command. Can be used as a video capture payment, it is useful if you have an old video camera without IEE1394 port or if it is necessary to digitize something from the videorecorder.

of the Practician shows that quality of reception of a signal at different internal TV - tuners identical, distinctions only in functionality. For example, many cheap TV - tuners does not support sorting of channels at will, has no automatic recognition of system of chromaticity that happens actually at reception of a signal of cable TV.

Average price category are external USB TV - tuners. Usually on functionality they same, as well as internal. As well as internal, demand installation of drivers and the software. Are inclined to to hang especially on computers with USB port of version 1. 1. Quality of reception of channels sometimes not really good. The only plus of such tuners is what can without opening be connected the computer on the run and almost at once to use. It is inconvenient to use it because takes the excess place for laptops, in this case it is better to get special PCMCIA TV - the tuner for laptops.

The highest price category is hardware external TV - the tuner. Than it is so good? And the fact that any monitor, whether it be ELT or TFT, it is possible to turn into the full-fledged TV which is not depending on your personal computer in any way for this purpose rather alarm cable of the monitor to connect to TV - the tuner, and the TV cable - the tuner to the video card. Quality of the image at the same time the best. To watch telecasts, it is not necessary to turn on the computer. And at the switched-on personal computer there is an opportunity to include the " mode; the picture in the picture (this function is present practically at all new TV - tuners) and to watch TV, without coming off the computer. Can join in the set time and be switched off. The only small shortcoming - it is impossible to write down transfers as it is not connected with the computer. And on the TV some models - there are no tuners even a video output which could be used for a sheaf with a payment of video capture and record of programs.

However, there are several models of hardware TV - the tuners having the built-in function of video capture and its transfer through USB port in the mpeg4 format, but the price of such miracle such that it is simpler to buy and internal TV - the tuner, and external hardware, than such.

Besides, is still TV - tuners both internal, and external for reception of satellite TV. Buying such TV - the tuner, do not forget that in order that it accepted channels of satellite TV, still it is necessary to buy at least the satellite antenna.

If to you is required to watch occasionally TV and to write down something from programs, then buy internal TV better - the tuner. If you want to save the place and at the same time want to watch regularly TV - programs with comfort, then TV - the tuner will be the best choice external hardware.