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Whether it is possible to fall in love with the person for a short period?

Still vast majority of people claim that the love at first sight does not exist. Perhaps, they are right, there is no confidence that the minute look or a wave of a hand, can get to fall in love the person once and for all.

With what it is possible to confuse love at first sight? Many confuse this feeling to simple sympathy. You liked the person, you give up him acquaintance, begin to communicate, meet it and gradually begin to fall in love with this person. Therefore many people call it love at first sight.

When we meet new, interesting on anybody not the similar person, we try to spend with him much time to learn and understand it. We begin to fall in love with the person with whom we got acquainted only a few days ago. We experience new emotions, new feelings, we as if begin life anew.

Whether it is possible to be sure that it not hobby, not fleeting feeling that it is not just interest in new acquaintance? It is really love or it is short-term love? Guarantees any cannot be. It is necessary to understand and understand himself, to define as whom you consider this person for yourself. You do not hurry to offer the person friendship if you really see his affection for yourself. Understand what feelings you have to the person, and then you are ready to make decisions whether this person will become the friend or darling for you. To transfer to the category of friendship of the relation with the interesting and not ordinary person never late. And it is much more difficult to get to fall in love the friend.

Why many people are afraid to tell the word I love? I mean the relations which only began to develop, you meet the person only several days and are already ready to tell him that you love it. And he does not hurry to admit to you the same. What to do? To sound alarm? No, remember that you aspire to the serious relations, you do not look for a little flirtation or just the person who would be nearby. You do not hurry, the love is spontaneously shown very seldom, most of people very long look narrowly, try to adapt, get used, and only then they will be able to tell with final confidence to you about the love.

If you are sure that you already fell in love with someone too quickly, do not hurry with recognition, it can frighten your darling. The person can think that you are not constant and very amorous that your love quickly will pass. You do not hurry, but if you are sure of the feelings, then all of your hands.

Undoubtedly, it is possible to fall in love with the person for a short period, but it would be desirable to be sure that the love will be eternal