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Now the government of Moscow pays much attention to a question of patriotic education of youth. Because the youth is future Russia . For them various thematic competitions and the Olympic Games are organized. But we will not forget that not small value in patriotic education of younger generation is played by mass media. Let`s consider this question from the point of view of television as it is one of the most influential factors forming public consciousness. Let`s take a program schedule for a week and we will be curious what it consists of? 80% - foreign movies, 10% - the Russian series, 5% - political broadcasts, 3% - entertainment events And only 2% are taken away on transfers of informative character.

With what to explain such decline of popularity scientifically - informative transfers? Everything is simple. Because these transfers go early in the morning or long after midnight therefore very small number of the viewers can look at them.

Most often audience of such programs people of advanced age, but as our youth? Future Russia depends on younger generation, but what they can learn from foreign or Russian series? Definitely not the competent Russian speech.

Concerns also a question what waits ahead of transfer of such character? They likely will just cease to exist. And it is terrible. Because the country which is not knowing the history is doomed to death.

Reflect, the low level of culture and morality conducts to ill-breeding that in a consequence can lead to very sad consequences. And if the question when World War II began, is surprising, then what in general we can speak about? The main task of television - to educate. So why they are not engaged in it? Of course, in questions of racket, criminal groups, drugs we are excellently informed, but here in historical questions, the standards of speech, behavior and other much important problems the rare person can flash the knowledge. People not always want to read the book with the dry facts. Perhaps, for a start it is quite good to think at least of that to change transfers of informative character in time, more convenient for people. Perhaps, then the youth relation to the fatherland will change for the better. And they will be proud of the fact that they live in Russia.