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What is distant work of

Besides, it is a great opportunity for those who live in the province or in the settlement where we will tell, there is no work. Any person having Internet access can receive a capital salary, even without leaving the house. The teenagers wishing to earn since young years have also chance to receive the royalties not less than the parents. Instead of settling it is unknown to whom, performing a hard physical activity when it is not always confident that will pay you for it, it is better to try in the sphere of information technologies.

And, eventually, that does not threaten the removed worker, so this dismissal. Frilaser is insured from him for 100% as loss of one workplace or the client is compensated shortly by two others, and even three. The freelancer in most cases works with several customers at once, and it is safer and more convenient. It as stock market game is undesirable to take shares only of one company, never know, will fall or they will grow in price.

However not everything is so smooth as it seems, at first sight and the freelance has the dark sides . For example, of course it is good when absolute freedom reigns, but here the trouble absence of the chief affects working process. Continuous postponement of work and inability to place priorities, all this affects a financial position. If the person optional, then laziness nevertheless gets the best, and in a consequence it is hard heavy to restore a running cycle.

Also main difficulty in work is load and overfatigue. It results from inability to distribute the time. Search of clients at first occupies long term, then removed workers should overstrain and carry out all these orders. The first months the base of clients will not be created yet, the schedule of work will be unstable.

One of the main shortcomings is ordinary deception. Can deceive both the customer, and the performer. However in this situation there is a softening circumstance. Having communicated with kidaly once, twice you will not begin to step on the same rake. Therefore especially large-scale here you should not expect swindle. Those small customers who do not value the reputation are engaged in deception, and they most likely are brought in a black list which should be looked through always before concluding the bargain.

It is possible to be protected from deception, by the conclusion of the contract on which drawing up it is necessary to insist. If the customer refuses, then it is necessary to demand an advance payment on the Internet a purse. In principle, of course it is unpleasant, but nevertheless it is transferable if you the author of articles for which writing to be spent on average 6 hours. Quite another matter, if you the creator of the websites, work quite heavy and even to think that so much time is stayed for nothing already unpleasantly what to tell if all - deceive. Therefore it is better not to send ready work before transfer to the account, and to send a work picture that the customer could estimate work, but not use it. Programmers send programs in which the area of correct work is limited, and small mistakes are made or send the demonstration version.

More than 40% in the West are engaged in distant work, most of people uses this opportunity as an additional source of the income. This kind of activity is not too popular in Russia. You ask why? The answer is simple, in general the population simply did not hear about concept of distant work and who heard, was skeptical about it, with mistrust peculiar to our society. One more reason consists in that, it is necessary initial investments and time for development of new strong links.

Generally, considering above and above told I want to add that the freelance despite all difficulties and shortcomings will develop and accept more and more supporters in the ranks every year. With current development of the Internet and information technologies every year becomes more and more users needing earnings. So it is possible to consider safely: Freelance - the Profession of modern times