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How to choose mutual fund?

the Scheme of work of mutual funds is simple: Investors transfer the money to financial experts. A task which to invest money of investors for the purpose of increase in their capital. It is enough to investor to buy a share of mutual fund - the security granting the right for possession of shares in fund. If the capital of fund increases, the investor can take away the money and profit or at the discretion of fund to exchange for a share of other mutual fund. Income can be gained, only if to sell a share on which, by the way, documentation is not available.

Mutual funds happen different depending on terms of sale and acquisition of shares, They are subdivided into three look: opened, closed and interval.

Signs of funds:

- open-end fund: the investor at any time can take away the investments and get shares. Shares of this fund enjoy high popularity from - for the fact that them the easiest to buy and sell. And still it is excellent chance for those who want to learn investment art. As in the open-end fund reins of government are concentrated in hands of the shareholder and he following fluctuations of the market itself solves when it is better for it to sell when to buy a share.

- interval fund: The investor can buy and sell a share only during a certain period of time. For example, 3 times a year an interval of 3 weeks. Open are less profitable in comparison interval with funds. To experts of interval funds it is much simpler, than opened in which the shareholder can take away money at any time. Experts have more opportunities more favourably to plan investment of capital of the shareholder. For example, to enclose them in the small, but growing companies. Of course, investment into actions of such campaigns is a touchy business, besides actions are low-liquid. However at a long investment such risky projects can make good profit for the holders

- the closed fund: Before investing money the investor stipulates with the expert in finance during what time he will not remove assets, for example, 3 years.

Only on the expiration a vladchik has the right to take away money. The closed mutual funds have even more opportunities to successful investment of capital. Within a given period shareholders do not repay an investment - it gives the chance to invest money, we will allow in innovative technologies or real estate. At the same time growth of risk connected with an investment in the closed funds decreases as the longer the period of an investment of money, the is less chance that the share will fall in price.

Also funds are divided by the form investments into mutual funds of actions, real estate, bonds, venture, mixed, index. In case it is fund of real estate, then money will be invested in real estate. In venture fund emphasis will be placed on scientific projects, developments and innovative technologies. In index fund on exchange rates at the exchange. The investor himself chooses fund on which he would like to earn.

The national league of managing directors provides data that by the end of 2006 in Russia 614 funds worked. According to the same source the greatest number of the closed funds of real estate - 149. Also open-end funds of actions - 105 had great success. For 2006 their quantity grew twice, according to experts it is result of 2005 more when interval and open-end funds showed almost impracticable 55% and 68% per annum. By results of 2006 interval fonds of stocks showed less impressive 46% and 51%.

Funds of the monetary market showed for 2006 on average 4%, and in last 7%. Open-end funds of bonds - in 2006 showed 9,7, and in 2005 - 14%. Open-end funds of the mixed investments rose by 32% in 2006 and on 37,6 in 2005, interval in 2006 increased only by 31%, and 2005 there were 35%. Open-end and interval index funds are the most highly profitable, their indicator made in 2006 - 76% and 65%. However in 20005 this indicator was significantly higher - 86% and 80,5%.

The open-end fund of the stocks " became the most popular fund in 2006; Troika Dialog - Dobrynya Nikitich the attracted 7,98 billion rubles, open-end fund of the mixed investments Troika Dialog - the Team attracted 3,59 billion rubles, the third place is taken by a fond of stocks Pyotr Stolypin UK " which attracted 2,56 billion rubles; OFG INVESTMENT . Without regard to results of the last fund, believe in UK that in optimistical indicators of results there is no definiteness and unambiguity.

Last month 2006 average profitability of open-end share funds was more than 6,5%. Funds of telecommunications became 2006 the most successful at the end, having gathered the highest rate of the income. " company; Maxwell Telecom took 22. 51% that is the highest result of month. High income Maxwell Telecom it was caused by growth of shares of telecommunication sector: Dalsvyaz (pref) +30%, Sibirtelekom (pref) + 21%, Sibirteleky +22%, Telecom (pref) +25%, Uralsvyazinform (pref) 35%,

Uralsvyazinform of +46%.

Growth was caused by change of the owner of the blocking package of Svyazinvest and, respectively, assumptions of investors of fast privatization or reorganization of this holding. Huge speculative demand was observed in papers of Uralsvyazinform that allowed them to be one of leaders of growth not only in telecommunication sector, but also in the " market; - the managing director of " fund explains the events; Maxwell Capital Sergey Usichenko.

Share funds in Russia by estimates of experts have all opportunities for prosperity today. Every year the number of participants of funds only increases. At the moment according to the experts makes 500 thousand people though this number is equal in the USA to 100 million people. Experts do not decide to claim when at us in the country is the level " is beaten; at least in 5 million. But the fact remains, interest of the population in mutual funds grows, and soon will only increase