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How to determine character of the person by addiction to fruit? Part 2

In spite of the fact that vegetables and fruit a huge number, we continue conversation on the traits of character inherent in these or those fans fruktovo - vegetable exotic. But besides certain representatives of fruit we will consider pair combinations of these sadovo - garden cultures.


People “ plum “ type, in the majority, grumblers and pridira. But they are not deprived of feeling of a step, and sometimes dare to be indulgent to errors of others. Do not suffer criticism in the address at all. Self-confidence and absolute exclusiveness prevents them to have many friends and girlfriends. Plums most often use the girls inclined to flights waking or sleeping. Sometimes they come back to Earth on the guilty earth, and quite successfully realize the dreams in creativity.

A cucumber and a melon Such choice is more characteristic

of men, than of women. Men of this type are brave and solid people. They seldom get under someone`s influence and are not subject to alcoholism. Among them there are a lot of athletes and fans of travel. The woman with such man will feel absolutely safe - his responsibility extends also to the family relations. Such men are purposeful and easily achieve the planned objective. But this type has also shortcomings: “ ogurechno - melon “ the man has not enough romanticism therefore if the woman wants from it flowers, then it is better for it not to indulge in vain hopes, and it is transparent to hint that it is time to fork up on a bouquet. Women of this type often become chiefs, but in family life they are helpless as children: badly prepare, are not able to distribute the budget, do not like to erase and wash the dishes. However in the person of such woman the man will find the faithful and understanding friend.


Usually people of this type of a sverkhkommunikabelna, find a common language literally with all, irrespective of their social status. And the main thing - “ " oranges; without wishing anybody to be a burden, prefer to forge the happiness. But also this fruit involves the closed and timid ladies who submit men the modesty and mysteriousness. As a rule, it is creative persons, intelligent and with good sense of humour.

Tomato and water-melon

“ Pomidorno - water-melon “ people are cheerful and active. They differ in the increased skill to communicate, but not always happen equal in communication. The explosibility of their character quite often leads to scandals. Men of this type like to eat well. They are lazy and prefer slippers and a dressing gown to a backpack and a sleeping bag. Women “ pomidorno - water-melon “ a warehouse are emotional, love animals and a home, with them always nearby warmly and comfortably. They are not able to spin intrigues, but can allow tactlessness as say that think. Sincerity and artlessness - the main psychological quality “ pomidorno - water-melon “ people.


the Main trait of character of people - “ pears “ - this friendliness and tranquility. Women are remarkable and hospitable hostesses. These are persons who have art talents, usually well draw or embroider. Girls of this type are very seductive, very erotic, like juicy pulp and an oval form of a mature fruit. They bewitch the gentleman irresistible charm, they want that they were carried on hands. However men - “ pears “ quite often happen sensitive and long store traces of offenses in the loveful heart.

A cucumber and a water-melon

Persons of this stamp constantly test sincere confusion. Their external tranquility and restraint conceal in themselves internal tension. About such men speak: still waters run deep. With “ ogurechno - water-melon “ the person you are living on the edge of a volcano: never you know what will be tomorrow and what idea he bears now. Women of this type do not make scandals on trifles. They save offenses, and are one fine day capable to kill all ware in the house. But it is the most creative type. They are able to think, scientists and inventors often occur among them.


At heart it is the softest and goodhearted type of people. But some attacks of airs and graces characterize them as haughty and arrogant persons. Sometimes they are sentimental and easily vulnerable. People - “ " bananas; adore dreaming though firmly estimate unrealizability of such desires. A lack of character is laziness, they easily get under others influence. Lovers of bananas make strong impression on men (in many respects thanks to what consciously or subconsciously in them is frequent “ suspect “ tendency to oral sex), however they very painfully react to any criticism in the address, under “ skin “ a fruit the soft, sensitive and vulnerable personality disappears. Quite often these women fall into melancholy.


People - “ apricots “ possess ability “ with pleasure “ to speak, besides eyes radiate unusual kindness. Such persons cause trust, people around can have an impression that they knew this person all life. But the one who takes it for signs of shyness, forgiveness, mercy will be mistaken. If someone took in head to apply for their freedom, he right there will receive rigid repulse. So, for friends “ apricot “ - dear friend, for enemies - the irreconcilable opponent. On the nature - it is creative people, can write verses and stories.

Tomato and a melon If to you are close to

these fruits - you are balanced and quiet. You possess an internal step and sensuality. You love beautiful things and you have excellent taste. “ Pomidorno - melon “ men are a little womanly. Very often they become artists, musicians, generally, art creativity is closest to these people. The women choosing a melon and tomato are amorous, impressionable, in love are passionate and constant. From them devoted, gentle and careful wives turn out. And here the men belonging to this type can be vainglorious egoists.

It is natural that one give preference to different vegetables and fruit, others exactly concern also that and others, therefore, and traits of character can be inconsistent, or thorough and concrete. We choose, we are chosen, - the main thing that people were good. Fruktovo - vegetable to you moods!

Source: I. Kann “ 1001 ways of disclosure of the personality “